Youth Player Dashboard

The PB scores Youth Database provides you with the key data on all under 22's on Football Index. It can be used to help you filter to find under 22's who have hit high PB scores in the past and show potential to hit high PB scores in the future. 

You can also see which players are often in their team's starting line up as well as every under 22's core player statistics - which can be very useful to judge if a young player has the potential to hit high PB scores in the future.

You can find the key explaining the dashboard further - below.

*The PB Scores Youth Database is brought to us by Index Edge. You can sign up for a free 2 week trial of Index Edge here

Youth Dashboard Key

CA Average Matchday Score: Competition Adjusted (1.25 multiplier for European games removed) Average Football Index Matchday Score.


Max CA Matchday Score: Highest Competition Adjusted Matchday Score in the filtered date range.


CA Matchday Score STD DEV: The standard deviation of the player’s matchday scores.


CA Matchday PPM (Ex W/L): Competition Adjusted Points Per Minutes less win & loss bonuses.


Average Overall Rank: Average Overall Matchday Score Rank by Gameday.


Average Position Rank: Average Matchday Score Rank by Gameday for their position.


CA 200+ Scores: Number of Competition Adjusted Scores of 200 or more.


CA 250+ Scores: Number of Competition Adjusted Scores of 250 or more.

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