What are In-Play Dividends and how to profit from then?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

What are In-Play Dividends?

To win In-Play Dividends, your footballers need to score goals, get assists, or your goalkeepers need to keep a clean sheet.

For the first 30 days that you own a Share, you can win the following In-Play Dividends:

– 1p per Goal for a Forward or Midfielder

– 2p per Goal by a Defender or Goalkeeper

– 1p per Assist by any position

– 1p for a Starting Goalkeeper Clean Sheet over the full game

All footballers, that includes the ‘Top 200’ and ‘Squad Players’, are eligible to win In-Play Dividends.

IMPORTANT: You are able to purchase Shares in footballers at any time on the day on which the Footballer scored, assisted or kept a clean sheet (Goalkeepers only) to be eligible to win In-Play Dividends on that day.

To receive In-Play Dividends you have to hold the footballer until midnight on the day of any In-Play Dividend event.

Payouts for In-Play Dividends is between 00:00 (London time) and 03:00 (London time) on the day immediately following the day on which the Footballer scored, assisted or kept a clean sheet (Goalkeepers only). The Eligible Matches include the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, European Championship (Euros 2020) and Nations League.

IPD Eligible Leagues / Tournaments

In-Play Dividends will only be paid out if the share is kept until midnight on the day of the event.

How to profit from In-Play Dividends?

There are several ways to make a profit from In-Play Dividends and you can choose to use a mix of the below methods.

Collect the In-Play Dividends and sell shares after

The obvious method of making a profit is to buy shares in Footballers that you think will earn In-Play Dividends within the next 30 days and then sell the shares at some point within this 30 day period or once it has ended.

Capital appreciation from traders buying for IPD

You can make a profit from buying players that you think other traders will buy for IPD and sell before they are even eligible to earn IPD. For example, if you noticed a cheap striker was back from injury in a few weeks, you could buy them knowing that in a few weeks - other traders will start buying them too for IPD meaning their price will increase. You could then sell for a profit.

Collect the In-Play Dividends and keep shares after

If there is a player that you would like to buy for a longer term hold, you could buy them on the day of earning IPD and then keep the player. Unless the player subsequently falls in price, you are effectively getting a discounted price for the player with the IPD being paid out as your discount.

Key Considerations:

Are IPD already built into the player's current price? - it is important to look at the player’s graph before buying for IPD, if they have already shot up 25% in the last week due to favourable fixtures, it may be best to avoid buying them as they could just as easily decrease 25% once people have taken their profit from IPD / capital appreciation based on the speculation of IPD.

The dividend yield- the higher priced the player the lower dividend yield returned per dividend.

For example, if you had a 50p striker score 5 goals in the 30 days you held shares in them, they would return 5p/50p = 10% of their price in dividends alone. Where-as if you had a £5 striker score 5 goals in the 30 days you held shares in them they would only return 5p/500p = 1% of their price in dividends.

The spread - If you are wanting to sell immediately after collecting the IPD, you should consider the difference between the buy price and instant sell price. It is likely to be less profitable instant selling higher priced players due to larger spreads.

How likely is the player to earn IPD? - When buying a player to try and earn IPD you can look at the player’s fixtures (Easy/Hard, How many games, etc), the players form (Have they scored/assisted/kept clean sheets recently), team (that they play for), minutes (will they start/ how much game time will they get) amongst other considerations. Football Index Club members can check every team, in a PB leagues, upcoming IPD eligible games in the fixtures section of the site.


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