Weekly FIC 31.05.20

Another huge week on Football Index with many players rocketing upwards in price as the Premier League and Serie A confirm return dates!

Summary of the week

We have been informed this week that Premier League will return on the 17th June and Serie A will return on the 20th June.

We have seen considerable rises in Premier League players this week and young, quality, exciting prospects have risen the most.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has risen 11.48% this week!

Surprisingly only 2 players out of the 25 top risers (Over £0.50) this week have been from Serie A contrasting with 11 from the Premier League.

FIC (Football Index Club) Blog posts and results this week

We are yet to see huge price rises in players highlighted in the recent La Liga blog with a few players rising small amounts. This is possibly due to the recent distraction of the return of the Premier League and Serie A.

If players highlighted in this blog perform well, as expected, there is a strong chance we will see some rises later next month.

However, we have seen some considerable rises and positive results for other FIC recently highlighted players:

James Justin

Justin was highlighted on the site just 9 ago and after Joshua King (Who surprisingly gained Man U transfer links recently) Justin has risen more than any other Premier League player since being highlighted on the site!

James Justin's risen 16.1% in just 9 days

Justin is an exciting full back and if he shines for Leicester towards the end of the season, Justin may well rise in price even further.

Marcus Thuram

Marcus Thuram who was also highlighted earlier this month, at £2.05, has had a very successful day scoring two goals and winning top forward on Football Index!

Marcus Thuram scored twice today and won top forward

It is interesting to point out here how Thuram's rise of just 7p today shows how big a part trends and momentum play in trader's decisions. If Thuram had have scored two goals and won top forward just a few weeks ago, it is likely the dominant Bundesliga trend would have led to Thuram rising much further in price.

More on momentum/trends and what to look out for over the next few weeks further below.

Top risers of the week (Currently Over 50p)

Overall, the main risers this week have been in quality, young Premier League players. We have also seen a number of players who have been stand out performers in the Bundesliga rise and also players gaining transfer links. Below are the players (Currently over 50p) who have risen the most over the last week.

Gerson from £0.77 to £0.92 (+20.10%)


Gerson has risen a huge 20% this last week, but this comes as a surprise as there has not been any new transfer links emerge recently.

The reason behind Gerson's rise could be that traders are attempting to buy into Gerson before others with the possibility of transfer links emerging over the next few months.

Overall, Gerson's price tends to fluctuate depending on the recency of transfer links and whilst his price is high without any substantial change in his chances of earning dividends in the future, he may not be the best hold in the short term.

Marin Pongracic from £0.45 to £0.55 (+20%)

Marin Pongracic

Pongracic scored two goals against Bayer Leverkusen last Tuesday and consequently rose in price due to traders collecting a high In-play Dividends returns.

Pongracic's PB score in this game was just 167 and given he is unlikely to score so frequently, he may not be such a strong hold from a match day dividends point of view.

With that being said, longer term he may well be a strong hold given his young age and relatively low price.

Joshua King from £1.03 to £1.22 (+18.45)

Joshua King

Joshua King has been linked to Manchester United this week and like we see whenever a player is linked to Manchester United, his price has risen a huge amount.

Overall, King's price will certainly either rise further or decline depending on whether the transfer to Manchester United goes ahead.

Often once Manchester United links start to a fade, a player's price will gradually decline and King would be very difficult to sell near his current price if the transfer links do vanish.

What’s coming up?

As mentioned above, the Premier League and Serie A returns next month! We also have La Liga returning first next month too.

The best players to currently buy now we have clarification on the return of the leagues may be:

  • Players who could have a strong end to the season

  • Players who could gain transfer links once the season ends and over the upcoming months

  • Young players with high price ceilings

Players with the combined factors above could make for very strong holds over the upcoming months.

In terms of Football Index Club, we have had a large influx of new traders join lately so a huge welcome to FIC!

We have a new method for analysing players and there have been over new 20 player reviews completed over the last week which may well be worth a read. All the player reviews can be found here.

Exciting times lie ahead for both Football Index and Football Index Club and we will see many value players highlighted on the site in the upcoming weeks and months!

*Players will now be listed as potentially valuable players with a full player review included on the latest highlighted players page regularly. Emails will be sent out to all members whenever new players are highlighted so make sure to subscribe to the new mailing list for regular updates (On the home page).

This will result in more regular content for FIC members and will ensure you receive regular player analysis to help you make informed decisions and improve your trading returns!

More players will be highlighted on the site very soon...


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