Weekly FIC 12.07.20

It is difficult to describe this week on Football Index. Thursday's announcement certainly did not live up to the expectations of many traders, myself included. But, there are a few positives to takeaway and it sort of seems like things can only get better from here.

Ultimately, how you now feel about the dividend increase is likely to depend partly on your prior expectations and many of us would have expected a greater increase in dividends given this season's market growth and the hype from Football Index building up to the announcement.

It is quite a frustrating time on Football Index with the lack of movement throughout the market, but patience will eventually be rewarded and for anyone with money to spend, the widened spreads are there to be taken advantage of (More player on FIC coming soon).

Who is currently value?

With goalkeeper dividends, team of the month dividends and the slight increase in match day dividends, we can now start to research players knowing what we are getting ourselves into for the future and find value.


If you haven't already, check out yesterday's blog on goalkeepers. There are definetely some value goalkeepers still out there, but picking the right ones is of course essential and the spreadsheet included in this blog may help.

In today's FIC weekly, I will not go over this week's greatest increases as they are all goalkeepers and yesterday's analyis on goalkeepers will really help provide clarity over if they are still value or not.

Gautier Larsonneur increased a further 6.6% after being mentioned in yesterday's blog

Improving, young players

There are plenty of young players who are still at very low prices with wide spreads and could return a huge amount of their price in the future. The returns on offer are still huge if the right players are picked.

21 year old Hernandez returned 5.6% of his current market price in dividend earlier this week

As the market has been focusing elsewhere in recent weeks, some young players that have been in particularly good form recently and could be likely to earn match day dividends in the future have been neglected.

Such players will be posted on the site soon.

Top end?

The dividend yields on many of the highest priced players are still very high based on current market prices. The team of the month dividends will help some of the players at the top end even further and so some may still be great value holds.

Sancho has returned 13.03% of his current market in dividends price this season

However, as many have increased so much recently and the dividends have not increased in line with the growth in their prices, in the short term - the top end may not increase so much.

Lower end?

Due to the lack of liquidity, most players in the lower end are likely to remain stagnant in the short term.

Once Phase 2 of the Matching Engine is introduced, there is more liquidity and momentum in the market increases - we can expect some players in the lower end of the market to increase in price considerably.


In the short term, it is unlikely we will see many players throughout the platform increase in price for a number of reasons. However, we still have Phase 2 of the Matching Engine, the introduction of NASDAQ technology, promotions and much more to come over the next 6 months and so there is no doubt that plenty of players will rise huge amounts and that there is value across the platform right now.

In addition, one of the main reasons that I am so confident in the long term prospects of Football Index is that Football lndex have announced that next season we will have the biggest ever marketing campaign to date. In the past, marketing campaigns have always led to a huge amount of growth.

With the current market so stagnant, there is no doubt that Football Index will do something to stimulate the market before their biggest ever marketing campaign as it would be crazy for Football Index to spend millions on advertising to attract people to a relatively stagnant market where people fail to profit.


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