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Welcome to the Football Index Club weekly. In today's blog post, you will find information on what has gone on throughout the Football Index market this week, which type of players could continue to rise over the upcoming months and where you can find the latest Football Index Club, highlighted players!

Summary of the week

Two types of players have been increasing considerably in price this week:

  1. Potential Transfer Targets

  2. Young, English Players

Out of the top 25 risers this week, 10 could potentially be on the move this summer whilst 11 are English players under the age of 24 with some overlaps including Ben Chilwell and Eberechi Eze for example.

Ben Chilwell is a relatively young English player who has increased considerably this week due to transfer links

FIC (Football Index Club) Blog posts and results this week


Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gordon was highlighted on the site just 5 days ago and has increased 13.89% since, with Ancelotti also tipping him for big things.

Other than 4 players who have gained transfer links this week, Gordon has risen more than other player on Football Index since being highlighted on the site.

Lucas Ocampos

Lucas Ocampos

Lucas Ocampos also falls into the top 25 risers this week, having been highlighted on the site less than 2 weeks ago.

A few transfer links have started to emerge with Real Madrid reportedly interested in Ocampos.


A number of Bundesliga players who had been highlighted on the site last month have now had their rise and are starting to decline as money is shifting into other areas of the market with short term opportunities opening up elsewhere.

Some of these players will still be very strong longer term holds, but were originally highlighted as short term holds with many rising to high, temporary peaks in price since being highlighted on the site.

Value Will Prevail

'In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine' - Benjamin Graham

Since the introduction of the Matching Engine, market trends have continued to form. But it is becoming even more important to focus on value and we have seen lately with some Bundesliga holds how it can be difficult to sell after a trend passes.

Longer term, with the introduction of order books - patience and focusing on areas of the market where others temporarily are not will become even more profitable than it ever has been.

Top risers of the week (Currently Over 50p)

Ridle Baku, Patson Daka, Ismael Bennacer and Thiago Almada have been the greatest risers (As a %) this week. All four players have one thing in common: The possibility of a transfer.

Patson Daka scoring a hat-trick today

Although Daka has not gained transfer links this week, his fine goal scoring form is leading to traders speculating that the transfer links will soon emerge.

Donny Van De Beek and Ben Chilwell have also seen huge rises this week and it is becoming more apparent that traders are seeking players who could be on the move this summer.

Why are potential transfer holds rising recently?

Money shifting out of Bundesliga holds recently has perhaps led to traders thinking further ahead. One of the biggest questions to ask yourself before buying a player is: would other traders want to buy this player in the future?

If you buy into a player just for a favourable fixture and then your chosen player does not perform particularly well in that fixture, who else would buy that player if you wouldn't yourself after that fixture has passed?

Therefore, traders are now starting to consider who will be in demand once the season ends and a number of transfer holds have started to rise in price recently.

FIC Highlighted Players

A new list of highlighted players can be found here.

Below are the most recently FIC highlighted players. Click into their name for their full player profile.

Fabian Ruiz

Alexander Isak

Mounir Chouiar

Emiliano Buendia

Rafael Leao

Manuel Locatelli

Andreas Skov Olsen


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