Transfer Window Dividends

Football Index will be paying out Transfer dividends until the end of January. Football Index will be paying out 10p for a transfer and 5p for a loan.

To be eligible to earn these dividend payouts:

  • Shares must be bought from the 13th January on wards until the end of January

  • Bought the day before the transfer/loan is confirmed.

  • You can only win Transfer Window Dividends on Shares priced £1.00 or over at 23:59:59 GMT the day before the transfer/loan is confirmed. 

  • The player must transfer to a team in a PB league (Top 5 European Leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and Serie A)

  • The transfer/loan has to be confirmed on the BBC Sport website:

Full terms and conditions can be found here:

As amazing as Football Index is, many traders will agree that this promotion is far from one of their best ideas. It will be difficult for traders to really take advantage of this promotion due to commission, spreads and the inevitable sell off in players who earn transfer dividends once the day that the transfer has been completed on has ended.

Due to it being difficult to balance earning transfer dividends with selling players who have earned transfer dividends afterwards to come out with a profit, it may be wise to largely ignore this promotion and continue to seek out value players based on the existing dividends already on offer.

However, the transfer dividends could offer an opportunity to earn huge returns on players who are priced at just under / over £1. Many players who could potentially earn transfer dividends have already increased much more than 10p/5p in recent weeks with transfer speculation already factored into their price.

Therefore, they could drop in price much more once the transfer is confirmed as traders take the profit on players which have already increased and so it is certainly risky to buy players who have already been linked with a transfer away from their current team.

Players with the below characteristics may be worth considering for this offer:

  • Players who already carry a lot of value based on their potential future dividend yield regardless of the transfer dividends

  • Players who are likely to become much more valuable due to the transfer

  • Players who are yet to increase in price considerably recent weeks

The transfer database may help in finding relevant players and below you can find players between 60p - £1.40 who have been linked with a move to a team in a PB league in recent weeks. *Some of the below transfer links have broken down since, but, could re-emerge.

There are plenty of players who are just under £1 and if a transfer does become likely, we may see some of these players edge over £1 as traders attempt to earn transfer dividends.

However, it is very important to consider that the shares have to be bought before the day the transfer has been confirmed, again making buying players to earn transfer dividends risky.


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