The Dividend Increase!

What an unbeliable increase in dividends!!! More to come shortly, but here's some data which may help inform your trading decisions.

Wondering who to buy followng today's dividend increase? This blog could help by providing you with information on which players provided the best dividend yields throughout the 2019-2020 season. The data in this blog was found using the excellent Index Edge Spreadsheet.

Now that dividends are so much higher, players who are already returning strong dividend yields may appear particularly strong holds.

Criteria to make the FIC Dividend Increase List :

  • Under 27

  • 2,000 minutes of gametime played

  • 2 PB scores over 200

  • 10%+ dividend yield at current IS price

  • No transfer throughout 19/20 season (Impacts MB)

  • Expected to play regularly in a PB league next season

  • No negative change in number of fixtures to be played during 20/21 season

FIC Dividend Increase Players Google Spreadsheet

FIC Dividend Increase Players Spreadsheet

FIC 12
Download XLSX • 12KB

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