Super Match Days

Football Index are introducing Super Match Days until the end of February.

Full details of this promotion can be found here:

Super Match Days benefit players that hit high PB scores without earning match day dividends

As well as benefiting higher priced players capable of hitting high PB scores regularly. Super Match Days benefit low priced players that will be playing regularly in February that have fairly high PB scores due to the high dividend yields on offer. It does not necessarily benefit players who occasionally hit high peak PB scores, but, benefits players with high PB averages as the match day points accumulate throughout the month.

Every 250 match day points equate to 250 Super Match Day points which are equal to 1p. So, if you bought 100 shares in a player and they hit a PB score of 250 then you would earn £1. If you bought 100 shares in a player and they hit 4 PB scores of 125 throughout February, they would earn a total of 2p per share or £2.

Therefore, players around the 25p - £1 mark could provide fairly good dividend yields (If you include the dividends from Super Match Days) throughout February if they are playing regularly and hitting fairly high PB scores.

Therefore, using the Fixtures Section, I have created the below table which includes every player that has a PB average over 100, will play 6+ games throughout February and is currently under £1.

Players with a PB average over 100, under £1, under 30 with 6+ games in February

Some players in this table could be worth buying for the Super Match Days as long as they are yet to increase considerably today already.


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