Summer Promotions!

Football Index have just announced a number of huge promotions and so this blog will quickly provide you with some information on which players now stand out as great value picks!

More information and full analysis on many players will be coming soon, but because the market is yet to react very much to this sudden, surprising announcement - we can currently take advantage of some great opportunities if we act quickly.

Firstly, I highly advise reading through the full Summer Promo here.

The three most important things to take away from this promotion are:

1. This is a phenomenal increase in In-Play Dividends

2. This is a fairly generous increase in Media Dividends

3. All European fixtures will be Gold Match Days

As Media Dividends are likely to picked up by higher priced players and can often be random, this post will focus on players who could really benefit from the increase in IPD and possibly rise in price on the back of this promotion.

In-Play Dividends

As it states below, IPD are increasing a MASSIVE FIVE TIMES. Although, it could become more difficult to sell some of these IPD players once this promotion ends, there are still two months to take advantage of this offer.

Players to consider

Robin Gosens

The first player has to be Robin Gosens. I had actually planned to highlight Gosens today anyway, but this promotion instantly makes him much more valuable. At a current price of £1.18 and an instant sell price of £1.03, Gosens could be a great short term hold as he averages the 6th most shots of all defenders playing in PB leagues and has scored the second most goals from defence after Sergio Ramos.

He has also recently been linked to Chelsea and will also benefit from having a chance of earning match day dividends in the Champions League later stages.

Robin Gosens

Wissam Ben Yedder

Wissam Ben Yedder

With Ligue 1 returning next month and Ben Yedder scoring 18 goals last season, once every 121 minutes - he could be a great pick for IPD. Ben Yedder could return a huge amount of his price in IPD alone next month and with an instant sell price of £0.80 whilst his market price is £1.12 - he could be worth a bid and possibly sold at a tighter spread next month.

It may be difficult to sell Ben Yedder at £1+ in the future due to his age and so I would only recommend buying via a matched bid. However, his price could possibly rise if he scores plenty of goals next month and in September.

Kasper Dolberg

Kasper Dolberg

Another strong goalscorer in Ligue 1 is the fairly young Dolberg. Unlike Ben Yedder, it is unlikely to be such a problem selling Dolberg. You can find a full player review of Dolberg here. Overall, he is a clinical finisher and finished his Ligue 1 2019-2020 season in fine form.

If he can pick up where he left off, he's likely to accumulate IPD and could rise further in price.

Dolberg currently has a market price of £1.14 with an instant sell price of £0.92.

Anthony Lopes

Anthony Lopes

Lyon's goalkeeper, Lopes, could be a strong short term hold. Lyon both play in the Champions League, taking a 1-0 win into the 2nd leg against Juventus, and will be playing more next month as Ligue 1 returns.

Lopes currently has a market price of £0.52 with an instant sell price of £0.38.

More players will be coming soon, but these are the first four that stand out to me given this promotion...


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