Quality, young, transfer speculation and the EURO's

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Many of the highest priced players on Football Index have dropped in price recently and although I imagine most will still increase in price over the next year, it is clear that there is better returns to be made in the lower end of the market.

On the 23rd September I posted a 'What to do when prices are dropping?' blog which showed how it is only select players which are dropping and how we can still be very profitable from buying the right players. The content in this blog is still very relevant today so if you have not already, I recommend giving it a read.

I mentioned in this blog that the players that had been highlighted in Premium Members blogs had increased an average of 11% in price across all players. The average increase in price of those same players is now an incredible 32%. Below is the updated version (Prices from 08/10/19) of the table in this blog.

This shows three things:

1. The Football Index Club strategy is very successful

3. Selecting the right players mostly in the under £2 bracket can be very profitable

2. There has been a lot of increases in price recently and so a drop is only normal and nothing to worry about

For now, I still recommend purchasing players which are young, are performing very well, could have some transfer speculation during January / Summer and will be playing at EURO 2020 / EURO 2020 under 21 tournament.

Chiesa is a great example of a player who fits this criteria and has already increased in price significantly recently. I would be cautious buying a player who has already increased in price so much in such a short space of time, however, he could continue to increase in price due to the above mentioned factors.

Chiesa has increased 60p in the last two week as he fits this criteria so well

*Over the last few weeks it has mostly been attacking midfielders / forwards that have been rising the most, but, attacking full backs are now starting to increase in price recently too

The EURO Qualifiers Database has been updated with current prices and further players added. To use this effectively, I recommend starting with looking at teams who are the most likely to play at EURO 2020. Given current team's positions in their qualifying groups as well as upcoming fixtures, I would start off with: Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.

I would then have a look at the age and price of players in these teams and look into any stand out players further. If they are young, starting for one of these national sides and currently performing well, they have a strong chance of increasing price throughout the season. If they also have a strong chance of securing a transfer than they are even more likely to increase in price.

A few factors to look out for when searching for players who could have transfer speculation:

  • Currently massively outperforming team mates either in a PB / Non-PB League (Too good for their current club)

  • Currently in a non-pb league performing exceedingly well for that league (Too good for their league)

  • WhoScored ratings / PB scores can help see how well a player is performing

  • Previous / current transfer rumours

  • Contract expiration date (The sooner the better) - TransferMarket can be useful for this

I will also be using the EURO Qualifiers Database to help find players which could fit the category of being; young, performing well, will be playing at EURO 2020 and could secure a transfer.

I will be highlighting many players in many blogs throughout this week.


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