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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

There are many considerations to make as a trader when deciding to buy or sell a player. You may not need to consider all of the considerations, but, often considering a few key points can help in avoiding making irrational purchases or sales.

Sometimes it can be hard to gain a neutral, balanced, second opinion on players

I have found it can be useful to get a second opinion on a player. Anticipating the reasons why another trader would buy or sell a player is often the key to making a profit. Therefore, having a strong list of reasons why other traders may buy or sell a player can be extremely useful.

As I am often asked for my opinion on a player, I have decided to create a player analysis section on the site so that Premium Members can access a shared database full of analysis of players submitted by yourselves.

I will be including the key information on the player and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages which could lead to a future price increase or decrease. I may not cover all of the key points, but, I aim to make my analysis very balanced and most importantly informative with the key information which will help to guide your trading decisions.

If you would like to submit a player for analysis then you can submit a player here. I endeavour to get through as many reviews throughout each day as possible whilst continuing to develop and add value content throughout the site.

If you would like to get analysis on more than one player at a time then it may be quicker to contact me and I will do my best to help.


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