October 2019 PB Scores Key Players

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Each month I analyse all of the PB scores from the previous month to try and find value players.

Out of the 8 players highlighted in these blogs so far, we have seen half increase at least 38% in price in less than 2 months. Verratti at £1.10 (Currently up 70%), Plea at £1.07 (Currently up 37%), Montoro at £0.28 (Currently up 46%) and Di Lorenzo at £0.62 (Currently up 38%)

It has also been great to see many previously highlighted players hit high PB scores throughout October. Such as Kulusevski, Vazquez, Zakaria, Calhanoglu, Muniain, Klostermann, Werner, Chilwell and Kimpembe all of which are now up at least 28% since being highlighted amongst others. You can find all previously highlighted players here.

Many other high PB scoring players have already increased massively recently due to the dividend increase and this has been great for the platform.

Below are more players from October which have stood out due to their current price in relation to the PB scores they posted throughout the month. * The below PB scores and G&A information is from October only.

1. Benjamin Andre

Benjamin Andre

Price: £0.55

Team: Lille

Age: 29

Position: Midfield (Central Midfield)

PB Scores: 221, 206, 80

Goals: 1

Assists: 1


  • 3 PB scores over 200 this season (2 in October)

  • High Average PB score of 118 for this season so far

  • Plays for a strong side relative to opponents in Ligue 1


  • Lille are likely to be knocked out of Champions League and are unlikely to qualify for the Europa League (Currently 4th in Champions League group)

  • Yet to hit a higher peak PB score higher than 221

2. Denis Bouanga

Price: £0.75

Team: Saint-Etienne

Age: 24

Position: Midfielder (winger)

PB Scores: 239, 134, 131

Goals: 1

Assists: 1


  • Capable of hitting high PB scores

  • 3 Man of the Match in last 3 games on WhoScored

  • Saint-Etienne's form has now improved under new manager Claude Puel leading to better performances / higher PB scores


  • Saint-Etienne are likely to be knocked out of the Europa League (Currently 4th in their group)

3. Daniel Carvajal

Price: £1.24

Team: Real Madrid

Age: 27

Position: Defender (Right Back)

PB Scores: 211, 198, 181, 107

Goals: 0

Assists: 1


  • Strong PB scores throughout October

  • PB Scores have been consistently high this season

  • Real Madrid are currently 1st in their Champions League group

  • Spain International


  • Has already increased in price considerably this month *First highlighted at £1.02 on 17th October

4. Leonardo Spinnazola

Leonardo Spinnazola

Price: £0.49

Team: Roma

Age: 26

Position: Defender (Right Back)

PB Scores: 214, 139, 135, 107, 58

Goals: 1

Assists: 0


  • Roma are currently 1st in their Europa League group

  • Low price for a player consistently playing well for a strong European team in a PB league and European Tournament

  • Provided an assist today (Additional 1p paid out as an IPD)


  • Competing with high PB scoring Kolarov for PB


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