November 2019 PB Scores Key Players - Premier League Special

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Each month, I carry out an analysis of all of the PB scores from the previous month to find players that could stand out as valuable holds given their dividend potential, relative to their low price.

Each month, the average price of these player suggestions increases significantly. Last month, out of the 4 players highlighted, 2 increased over 20% (Carvajal and Bouanga) in just 1 month as they continued to increase in price due to continuing to hit high PB scores.

There are more fixtures in the Premier League throughout December than in any other league and due to Football Index's marketing push (Which can lead to Premier League players rising as they are better known by the majority of new customers) it may be best to focus on Premier League players in the short term.

Therefore, below are Premier League players who's PB scores from November stood out relative to their prices and could rise in price further for the below reasons. * The below PB scores and G&A information is from November only.

1. James Ward-Prowse

James Ward-Prowse

Price: £0.79

Team: Southampton

Age: 25

Position: Midfield (Central Midfield)

PB Scores: 204, 170, 87, 85

Goals: 3

Assists: 0


  • Goal-scoring midfielder

  • Outside chance of making the EURO 2020 England squad

  • High Price ceiling as an English midfielder

  • Southampton's next 4 fixtures are all against teams in the bottom 8 positions of the league


  • Struggles to hit very high PB scores in the Southampton side

  • Increased in price considerably already this week

2. Ruben Neves

Ruben Neves

Price: £1.48

Team: Wolverhampton Wanderers

Age: 22

Position: Midfield (Central Midfield)

PB Scores: 239, 183, 154, 148, 107, 103, 23

Goals: 1

Assists: 0


  • Capable of hitting high PB scores

  • Europa League

  • EURO 2020

  • Young


  • Low contribution towards goals - more of a defensive than an attacking midfielder meaning he could struggle to regularly hit high PB scores

3. Dwight McNeil

Dwight McNeil

Price: £1.84 *Highlighted in October at £1.51

Team: Burnley

Age: 20

Position: Midfielder (Winger)

PB Scores: 224, 139, 79, 17

Goals: 0

Assists: 1


  • Young

  • English Youth International

  • Transfer Links - potential Media Dividends

  • Capable of hitting high PB scores

  • Likely to hit stronger PB scores in a stronger side

  • High price ceiling


  • High price

  • Already increased in price due to transfer links and strong performances over the last 4 weeks

4. Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min

Price: £2.18

Team: Tottenham Hotspur

Age: 27

Position: Forward

PB Scores: 238, 204, 194, 169, 124

Goals: 4

Assists: 5


  • Very high PB scores

  • Capable of scoring many goals and providing many assists

  • Champions League

  • Less players to compete with as a forward


  • High Price

  • Will not play at EURO 2020


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