Market Trend #7 Champions League Knockout Phases

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

There are currently 3 group stage games in the Champions League remaining. There is then a cup draw (Taking place on 16th December) for the first round of the knockout stages which take place in February 2020.

There is a strong chance we will see further rises in players playing in these tournaments because the match day dividends increase has enhanced the benefits of these players playing in more games that are eligible to earn dividends.

Champions League

The table below shows the teams which play in PB leagues and are likely to be playing in the knockout stages of either the Champions League or Europa League.

Champions League / PB League teams currently in position to qualify for the next round of the Champions League / Europa League

Below are players from some of these teams which could represent good value given the reasons below:

1. Raphael Guerreiro

Raphael Guerreiro

Team: Borussia Dortmund

Country: Germany

EURO 2020: Yes

European Tournament: Yes

Position: Defender

Age: 25

Price: £0.96

Top 3 PB scores: 334, 222, 196


  • Very high peak PB score

  • Also suits the current trend of full backs increasing in price

  • Strong PB score of 222 last weekend

  • Portugal International


  • Competes with high PB scoring Hakimi at Borussia Dortmund

  • Often competing for left back spot with Nico Schulz

2. Kingsley Coman

Kingsley Coman

Team: Bayern Munich

Country: France

EURO 2020: Yes

European Tournament: Yes

Position: Midfielder

Age: 23

Price: £2.34

Top 3 PB scores: 289, 237, 205


  • Capable of hitting high PB scores

  • Relatively young

  • France International

  • Could perform better under a new manager (Niko Kovac recently left Bayern Munich)


  • Competing with other very high PB scoring Midfielders at Bayern Munich

  • Previous injury problems

Naby Keita

3. Naby Keita

Team: Liverpool

Country: Guinea

EURO 2020: No

European Tournament: Yes

Position: Midfielder

Age: 24

Price: £1.76

Top 3 PB scores: 258, 244, 240


  • Liverpool have a strong Media Pull - Potential MB after very strong performances

  • High PB scores

  • Hit a strong PB score of 244 in his last full game last month

  • Decreased in price this week


  • Previous injury problems

  • Lack of game time

4. Thorgan Hazard

Thorgan Hazard

Team: Borussia Dortmund

Country: Belgium

EURO 2020: Yes

European Tournament: Yes

Position: Midfielder

Age: 26

Price: £1.93

Top 3 PB scores: 265, 240, 216


  • Hit 2 strong PB scores very recently (216 on 2nd Nov and 240 on 19th Oct)

  • Belgium International

  • 6 assists in 9 games this season


  • Increased in price considerably already this month


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