Market Trend #4 - Euro Qualifiers

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

The Euro Qualifiers are now eligible to earn you both In-Play Dividends (IPD) and Performance Buzz (PB). I have created a table which includes all 359 players under £1 that were in the squad of their national sides last Euro Qualifying game. Premium members can find this table here.

When going through this table, please note that not all players featured in the qualifying game and so it may be worth checking how likely the player is to get game time for their country. Secondly, a lot of the players are in non-pb leagues which means they may not be good value - even if they are very cheap. I recommend checking the age and PB league columns in the table as these are two factors which majorly influence the demand for the player and therefore the price.

In terms of who you should buy for the Euro Qualifiers, here are a list of factors I would consider:

In-Play Dividends

The most likely way of you making a profit on players featuring in the euro qualifiers is via IPD. Whether that is from the speculation that they will earn IPD or whether they actually earn IPD, there is no doubt that profit can be made from trading players with a high chance of earning IPD from these games. You can also earn Performance Buzz (PB), but, with so many players competing against each other - the chances of earning PB are low.

If you do consider buying players for PB then I would recommend buying players that can act as a longer term hold with a view to the EURO 2020 tournament and that are playing regularly in PB leagues.

Below are some players to consider for IPD that stand out based on playing in a PB league, regularly starting for their country, the quality of their national side and their remaining Euro Qualifiers fixtures.


It is important to see what fixtures, the player has for both for club and country. International fixtures will vary in difficulty massively, for example Russia will play Belgium and San Marino as they are in the same group.

Likeliness of qualifying for Euro 2020

It is important to consider how likely the player's team is to qualify for Euro 2020. Firstly, because if they are a strong team, the player will most likely get better PB scores and have a better chance of earning IPD in the qualifying games. Secondly, if the team does qualify, it is likely many of the players that will be going to the Euros will increase in price over summer.

PB League

If they do play in a PB league, you should consider how much game time they get and of course how good.

Most players that will start games in Euro qualifying games will play in a PB league, but, if a player does not play in a PB league then it is important to consider how much potential value they offer as there potential dividend returns may be limited to very few games.

With these factors considered, I have made a list below compiling of Forwards, Midfielders, Goalkeepers and Youth players who could be good value picks at their current price for the Euro qualifiers.


Bruno Petkovic

Age: 24

Price: 0.28

Country: Croatia

PB League: No

Notes: Often starts for Croatia and is a proven goalscorer, price has already risen, but, Petkovic remains a cheap option for a striker in a strong team.

Adam Szalai

Age: 31

Price: 0.34

Country: Hungary

PB League: Yes

Notes: Has not been starting recently for Hoffenheim, however, he does start for Hungary who are currently top of their group.

Patrik Schick

Age: 23

Price: 0.74

Country: Czech Republic

PB League: Yes

Notes: Schick has increased 7p already today, clearly other traders are doing their homework on players for the Euro Qualifiers. Nevertheless, 3 goals in 3 for Czech Republic and at only 23 years old he could still be good value.:


Kenan Karaman

Age: 25

Price: 0.42

Country: Turkey

PB League: Yes

Notes: Karaman ended the 18/19 season well for Fortuna Dusseldorf and has started bery well too getting a goal and assist in his first game. He has shot up over 50% since, but, with favourable fixtures this month for club and country he could still be good value.

Martin De Roon

Age: 28

Price: 0.47

Country: Netherlands

PB League: Yes

Notes: De Roon plays in central midfield alongisde Frankie De Jong in a very strong Netherlands side. De Roon also plays for Atalanta who will be in Europe this season and so at 47p he looks very good value.

Piotr Zielinski

Age: 25

Price: 0.73

Country: Poland

PB League: Yes

Notes: Poland are top of their group and Zielinksi is one of their best players too. Zielinski also plays for Napoli who will are a very strong side.


Wayne Hennessey

Age: 32

Price: 0.16

Country: Wales

PB League: Yes

Notes: Hennessey has lost his place as number 1 in the Crystal Palace team, but, he remains Wales' first choice goalkeeper and with upcoming fixtures against Azerbaijan and Belarus - he could return a lot of his price in IPD.

Salvatore Sirigiu

Age: 32

Price: 0.34

Country: Italy

PB League: Yes

Notes: Italy are top of their group and Sirigiu has kept 3 clean sheets out of their first 4 games. Torino could also qualify for the Europa League if they can beat Wolves which would see Sirigiu play in even more games.

Tomas Vaclik

Age: 30

Price: 0.39

Country: Czech Republic

PB League: Yes

Notes: Valcik plays for Sevilla who are a strong side and it is likely he will help Czech Republic through their qualifying group too.

Below are some players that are under 21 which are likely to feature in games for their country and therefore could increase in price.

Youth Players (Under 21)

Vincent Thill

Age: 19

Price: 0.49

Country: Luxembourg

PB League: No

Notes: Currently in a non-PB league and Luxembourg have difficult fixtures coming up. However, this will be an interesting test to see how good Thill can perform against a better opposition

Elif Elmas

Age: 19

Price: 0.91

Country: North Macedonia

PB League: Yes

Notes: Elmas has recently secured a transfer to Napoli partly due to his performances for North Macedonia where he has scored 2 goals in 4 games.

Ianis Hagi

Age: 20

Price: 0.99

Country: Romania

PB League: No

Notes: Hagi has recently transferred to Genk in a non-PB league, however, Romania are currently second in their group so he has a chance of playing at Euro 2020.

Use the table here to sort player's by Age, Price, Country and more.


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