IPO's 03/09/19

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

We have more player's being added to Football Index tomorrow, so, I have put together a table which includes further information on each of tomorrow's IPO's.

You can find this table here.

The IPO's do appear quite expensive compared to many players already on the platform.

However, so did Pukki at £1, but, he has since doubled in price to a peak of £2 at one point.

Paciencia and Belfodil are reasonably good value compared to other high scoring forwards.

Cantwell will undoubtedly, in my opinion, increase despite his £1.40 IPO price and then a few of the youth players could also increase further too. For example, Ihattaren, Nouri, Perez, Benes and Luis have all had good starts to the season for their club's first team which could lead to some demand and a further increase in price.

Good luck and all I would say is that unless you are very confident that you will get on the right player early it probably isn't worth selling players to try and chase the potential profit from trading IPO's.


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