Further Potential Value January 2020 Transfer Targets

The squad players increase list currently shows the considerable influence that transfer stories are having on the market.

The players highlighted in the very recent transfer blog have already increased an average of over 5% in price in just 4 days partly due to the significant price rises in Benrahma (+17%), Vincius (+10%) and De Arrascaeta (+8%).

Below are further players who could potentially secure a transfer away from their current team. Kessie highlighted below, performed particularly well last season gaining attention from other teams. Whilst Diallo, Boga and Rashica have all been out performing their current team this season leading to transfer rumours starting to emerge.

1. Milot Rashica

Milot Rashica

Price: £1.67

Team: Werder Bremen

Age: 23

Position: Midfielder (Winger / Forward)

Goals: 6

Assists: 3


  • Capable of hitting very high PB scores

  • In very good form

  • Relatively young

  • Tenuous transfer links to Aston Villa


  • High Price

  • Currently hits high PB scores very infrequently

2. Jeremie Boga

Jeremie Boga

Price: £1.16

Team: Sassuolo

Age: 22

Position: Forward

Goals: 4

Assists: 1


  • Having a very strong season

  • Young

  • Recently linked to Barcelona amongst other teams


  • Price has already increased considerably today

3. Habib Diallo

Habib Diallo

Price: £1.05

Team: Metz

Age: 24

Position: Forward

Goals: 9

Assists: 0


  • Very strong goal scoring record

  • Tenuous transfer links to various Premier League clubs

  • Hit a PB score of 229 earlier in the season


  • Struggles to hit very high PB scores whilst at struggling Metz

4. Franck Kessie

Franck Kessie

Price: £0.86

Team: AC Milan

Age: 22

Position: Central Midfield

Goals: 1

Assists: 0


  • Potential to improve PB as AC Milan are improving

  • Scored 7 goals last season

  • Tenuous transfer links to West Ham


  • Form has not been as good as last season

  • PB Scores have been relatively low this season

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