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With the Bundesliga looking set to return next month, we have already seen many Bundesliga players rise considerable amounts.

We may see similar rises in players from the other four leagues once these leagues return to action, although perhaps not to the same extent as the rises we have seen recently in Bundesliga players. Returning first will provide Bundesliga players a better chance of earning match day dividends due to competing with less players on match days. Furthermore, with the lack of football elsewhere, strong performers are likely to gain trader's attention even more than usual which could lead to greater price rises.

In a few months time, provided all PB eligible matches are fulfilled this season and not voided like the Eredivisie has been, it is likely money will be spread across players in each of the different PB leagues like how it had been prior to Covid-19 and the postponement in football.

Below I have compiled my findings from various sources on when the top 5 leagues could return. The below dates are far from confirmed, but provide a brief summary of the current situation and possible return dates for the different leagues.

There are so many variables to consider when estimating when the various leagues will return and there are factors which could influence decisions which are currently unknown to us.

Therefore, attempting to time purchases based on speculation of leagues returning at this point can be difficult. We have already seen many Bundesliga players rise and a few Serie A players rise recently too.

Over a longer period of time, traders will correct any players' prices that are temporarily over priced or under priced due to the temporary lack of fixtures. However, in the short term, given Serie A is likely to be the next league to return and we have not seen so many players already rise in Serie A as we have seen in the Bundesliga - it could be profitable to buy into some Serie A players.

Serie A players recently highlighted on the site have already risen an average of 13.9%

Below are further Serie A players who appear fairly strong value at their current prices and could increase in price in the short term if we see a more dominant trend towards Serie A in the upcoming weeks. *Please note there are less players than usual in this blog post as many which would have been highlighted have already been highlighted in recent blog posts (Especially players in the above table who are yet to rise considerably since)

Dejan Kulusevski

Dejan Kulusevski

Price: £2.14

Team: Parma (On loan from Juventus)

Age: 20

Position: Midfielder (Winger)

Country: Sweden

Top 5 PB Scores: 221, 157, 154, 154, 152


  • Very Young

  • On loan from Juventus

  • 5 goals and 7 assists this season

  • Sweden International

  • PB scores could improve at Juventus


  • PB scores have been relatively low given goal contribution this season

  • May lack game time at Juventus

Jeremie Boga

Jeremie Boga

Price: £1.76

Team: Sassuolo

Age: 23

Position: Forward (Winger)

Country: Ivory Coast

Top 5 PB Scores: 201, 173, 166, 142, 136


  • Relatively young

  • Transfer Speculation

  • Improving performances / PB scores - top 3 scores have come this year

  • 8 goals and 4 assists this season


  • Recently admitted that Sassuolo is the perfect club for him

  • Unlikely to hit high PB scores particularly often whilst at Sassuolo

Mario Pasalic

Mario Pasalic

Price: £1.19

Team: Atalanta (On loan from Chelsea)

Age: 25

Position: Midfielder

Country: Croatia

Top 5 PB Scores: 267, 211, 190, 174, 155


  • Capable of hitting high PB scores

  • Champions League

  • Price has dropped 12.5% since peak in 2020

  • 5 goals and 5 assists in Serie A this season

  • On loan from Chelsea (But, likely to sign for Atalanta)

  • Croatia International


  • Competing with Josip Illicic for top midfielder at Atalanta

Samu Castillejo

Samu Castillejo

Price: £1.11

Team: AC Milan

Age: 25

Position: Midfielder (Winger)

Country: Spain

Top 5 PB Scores: 187, 165, 161, 147, 134


  • Strong at key passes (Avg 2.2 KP per game)

  • Strong PB potential (High PB scores without goals / assists)

  • Dropped 18.9% from peak price in 2020


  • Lack of goals and assists

  • Lack of game time

Yann Karamoh

Yann Karamoh

Price: £0.76

Team: Parma

Age: 21

Position: Forward (Winger)

Country: France

Top 5 PB Scores: 123, 77, 52, -2, -12


  • Young

  • Fairly low price

  • Recently returned from injury

  • On loan from Inter Milan


  • Increased in price already this week

  • Very low PB scores

  • Lack of game time


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