Football Index Club VS The Market

It can be relatively easy to make great returns on Football Index due to the natural growth of the platform. What is more difficult is to actually beat this average market growth.

Index Trak

Index Trak is a fantastic tool to quickly see how your results compare against the market and hopefully with Football Index Club - you will consistently beat the market and make huge returns! You simply upload your transaction history and you can see how well you have got on compared to the average market growth.

Having teamed up with Index Trak this week, we have been able to compare the results of all players highlighted on Football Index Club in the past against the average market growth. The results show that the players highlighted on Football Index Club consistently outperform the market after 30 days, 60 days and from the day highlighted to the present day.

Index Trak can be used to compare your trades against the market (Hopefully FIC will help you smash the market)

FIC Market Beating Results

The spreadsheet including all of the players previously highlighted with the comparison to the market can be found here:

In summary, the average price increase in a player highlighted is: 11.33% after 30 days, 17.62% after 60 days and 23.98% from the day highlighted (Includes players only very recently highlighted) to today.

As you can see from this spreadsheet, a lot of players highlighted do not beat the market. However, many that do beat the market - beat it considerably by huge amounts.

This is shown by how the average profit on the 270/339 players currently in profit is a huge 32.86% compared to the low 7.64% on the 69/339 players currently not in profit.

This is due to the fundamental trading strategy of buying players who have high price ceilings and could increase considerably whilst attempting to avoid players who could drop in price.

Selling shares monthly to compound capital appreciation gains

The players highlighted on Football Index Club are highlighted as they appear to be good value longer term, but more importantly with a focus on the 30 days that follow.

This is shown by how the ratio to which Football Index Club players beat the market is best 30 days after the player is highlighted. Often this will be because a player has been highlighted due to an upcoming market trend.

It is worth pointing out that if you were to sell FIC players towards their peak prices the returns would be considerably better than those shown above.

From reviewing the results you will notice that you would be much more profitable buying highlighted players and then selling after 30 / 60 days then using the compounded profits to repeat this than simply buying and holding all highlighted players longer term. *The way you use the players highlighted is completely up to members and will massively depend on lifestyle amongst other factors

Dani Carvajal rose 20% in 30 days after being highlighted in October, but has only risen 6% more since

This way in which players increase so much after just 30 days and then 60 days is due to FIC focusing on market trends in addition to the simple fact that often the higher in price a player becomes - the slower they grow. This makes sense given the amount of money needed to increase a player's price increases as the player increases in price. (Many higher priced players do increase huge amounts too - demonstrated by Bruno Fernandes today)

Given there is a strong chance you will be able to sell at a higher peak price within the 30 days than the average after 30 days - we will say you sell every player to the market after 30 days for this example - at 2% commission. If you have a £1,000 investment and bought all highlighted players and sold after 30 days for a year - you would end up with a portfolio value of £2,906. If you had a larger portfolio of course this would be considerably more.

Overall, by compounding the profits which can be made via capital appreciation around 30 days after a player is highlighted, you will be very profitable using the players highlighted on Football Index Club.

Using FIC to beat the market

If a player has already increased considerably in price before you get a chance to view a blog that includes players, it is recommended that you use the highlighted players section to view which players may have dropped / are yet to increase since being highlighted as many will still be great value. *If you are unsure on any players - please submit the player for a player review for further information.

Furthermore, in addition to the fixtures dashboard, custom youth database, market trends section and all of the advice throughout blogs, another way that you can now use Football Index Club to beat the market is by using our very exciting new youth player dashboard!

New Youth Player Dashboard now on site

This can help you help find value in young players based on various statistics including relevant PB scores! This has been brought to us by Index Edge and further information on this dashboard as well as more highlighted players will be coming later this week...


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