Football Index Announcement 10.03.20

Football Index are offering us a BONUS on net buys up to £1,500. Football Index are also DOUBLING ALL DIVIDENDS until April 3rd 2020 and have lowered the threshold on the number of matches required for the different Match Days (Less games required for a Bronze match day etc) until the end of the season.

Full details of this announcement can be found here:

The market has recently shifted towards the top end and this is nothing to be concerned about. The market often works in cycles and with more money being put into lower priced players over the last 3/4 months, money has returned to the top as traders have seen value in some top end players. Bruno Fernandes and Jadon Sancho's rises perhaps showed the market how much capital appreciation can also be earned from higher priced players leading to a knock-on effect in other high priced players.

There may also be a lot of planning for if EURO 2020 is cancelled with money going into players likely to mop up plenty of media dividends over summer if this was to be the case.

It is very difficult to predict when the market will shift from one end to another and it can be risky to start instant selling shares to profit from a shift as we don't know how long focus will be on top end players for.

Furthermore, whilst a bonus is active, we often see even more recency bias at play with players who have been in good form recently rising the most without a consideration for dividend returns over a longer period of time. Avoiding buying players who have risen already considerably during a bonus period can avoid losses once the bonus period is over.

It is often wise to: Stick with quality, fairly young players who are likely to improve their dividend return in the future and appear great value at their current price.

Although, short term it may be frustrating watching holds suffer whilst other players rise but, longer term the top end of the market rising is positive for the platform. Following the dividend announcement the top end rose significantly whilst the lower end suffered. However, in the months that followed, lower priced players started to grow significantly as well. This is very likely to be the case again.

With double dividends and a smaller amount of teams needed for various match days, we have already seen many players rise following this announcement as the dividend returns on offer are huge.

Match Days are likely to gain even more attention now until April 3rd and with what is currently such a reactive market, we may see some huge rises in strong performers.

Bronze and Silver match days courtesy of @MozzFI on Twitter

Below are players who could potentially rise in price this month mostly due to some favourable fixtures amongst other reasons below:

*PB scores are from this season only provided by Index Edge

Vinicius Junior

Vinicius Junior

Price: £2.81

Team: Real Madrid

Age: 19

Position: Forward (Winger)

Country: Brazil

Top 5 PB Scores: 228, 175, 170, 121, 98


  • Improved performances recently

  • Fairly regular game time in La Liga for a strong side at a young age

  • Champions League fixture against Manchester City (Though likely to be knocked out)

  • Eibar at home this Friday night in a single match day


  • Generally Low PB scores

  • High Price

Milot Rashica

Milot Rashica

Price: £2.07

Team: SV Werder Bremen

Age: 23

Position: Midfielder (Winger)

Country: Kosovo

Top 5 PB Scores: 232, 175, 142, 127, 104


  • Relatively young

  • Capable of hitting high PB scores

  • Transfer Speculation (Especially if Werder Bremen are relegated)

  • Werder Bremen have 2 single match days

  • EURO 2020 Play-Offs Kosovo V North Macedonia


  • Struggles to hit high PB scores often fro Werder Bremen

Dominik Szobozlai

Dominik Szobozlai

Price: £1.67

Team: RB Salzburg

Age: 19

Position: Midfielder (Center)

Country: Hungary

Top 5 PB Scores: 209, 150, 138, 119, 114


  • High PB potential (Strong at key passes and providing goals / assists from midfield)

  • Possible Transfer Speculation over summer

  • EURO 2020 Play-Offs Hungary V Bulgaria


  • Currently in a Non-PB league

  • Lack of fixtures during bonus period

Scott McTominay

Scott McTominay

Price: £1.57

Team: Manchester United

Age: 23

Position: Central Midfield

Country: Scotland

Top 5 PB Scores: 234, 195, 194, 154, 145


  • High PB scores in the Europa League *1.25 multiplier applied

  • Manchester United have very favourable fixtures

  • MB potential if he was to perform very well due to playing for Manchester United

  • EURO 2020 Play-Offs Scotland V Israel


  • Infrequent game time at Manchester United

  • Paul Pogba's return from injury may result in less game time

Anthony Gordon

Price: £1.43

Team: Everton

Age: 19

Position: Forward (Winger / Attacking Midfielder)

Country: England

Top 5 PB Scores: N/A


  • Young English attacking player - very high price ceiling

  • Strong goal scoring record at youth level

  • Market is current very reactive and more game time (If he plays well) could lead to a large price increase

  • Could get some game time in the Merseyside derby on a single match day next week


  • Lack of Everton fixtures this month

  • Very unproven

  • Fairly high price given how unproven he is

Ruben Vinagre

Ruben Vinagre

Price: £1.04

Team: Wovlerhampton Wanderers

Age: 20

Position: Defender (Left wing back)

Country: Portugal

Top 5 PB Scores: 215, 165, 164, 134, 95


  • Young

  • Wolves have very favourable upcoming fixtures - Olympiacos in the Europa League and face Bournemouth and West ham in 2PM kick-offs

  • Played a full 90 minutes in last two Wolves games


  • Infrequent game time

  • PB scores are generally low

Nemanja Radonjic

Nemanja Radonjic

Price: £0.70

Team: Marseille

Age: 24

Position: Midfielder (Left Winger)

Country: Serbia

Top 5 PB Scores: 128, 125, 122, 108, 100


  • Returning from injury soon (Back in training)

  • Marseille currently 2nd in Ligue 1 - Champions League next season very likely

  • EURO 2020 Play-Offs Serbia V Norway


  • Very poor PB scores so far



Price: £0.55

Team: Bayer Leverkusen

Age: 26

Position: Defender (Left Back)

Country: Brazil

Top 5 PB Scores: 214, 205, 170, 169, 163


  • Relatively low price for a left back in a PB league and European Tournament

  • Bayer Leverkusen have very favourable fixtures - Rangers in the Europa League, Werder Bremen on a single match day and Borussia Monchengladbach in an early kick off

  • Price is currently at a 6 month low


  • High peak PB scores are rare

  • Price is generally fairly stagnant


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