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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Short term trading is becoming more and more common and it is great for the fluidity of the market and even better for the traders making massive returns each month from short term trades.

Last Friday (23/08/19) I had some money in my account and I decided to give flipping a player for a single match day a go. I bought 730 shares in Lautaro Martinez for around £1.38 a share and on Monday (26/08/19) I market sold for an average of around a £1.50 a share throughout the day in the build up to the Inter Milan - Lecce game. Altogether, I had made around £86 profit after commission, over an 8% return in just 3 days. This felt like a very good trade and I am sure many traders made much better returns from similar trades on players who rose much more, especially on players such as Lukaku and Sensi who both rose over 20% in the week leading up to this game.

However, it made me think, is there actually value in single match days? Or, is there just money to be made from flipping players in anticipation for the game? Overall, it is almost certainly the latter and ultimately trying to flip players can be a dangerous trade to make - unless you get in early enough and time your exit well. I imagine most traders who do flip players for single games and are reading this will be the traders that do their research early, sell at the right time and come out with a very good profit. However, I have found, from my experience, it can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to chase quick capital appreciation and so I would just advise any new traders to be careful with these kind of trades and consider the actual value of a single day.

Real Betis players top of the increase list due to single days

Yes, there is a smaller pool of players to compete against for dividends, but, the most you can earn in match day dividends on a single day is just 3p and your player will still be competing against a very minimum of 21 other player's to get this maximum payout. Many players are increasing in price much more than 3p in anticipation for a single day and so I would advise considering how much value, in terms of dividends, there actually is when buying a player just for a single match day.

It can be useful to compare the payouts on single match days to IPD. Many players will earn you 3p in IPD over a 30 day period as that is just 3 clean sheets, a combination of 3 goals / assists or just a defender goal and assist for example.

In-Play Dividends Payout

If there is a player that you would like to buy anyway and they also have a single match day coming up then this could be a nice bonus, but, if a player has already risen a considerable amount just because of a single match day - it could be risky to buy the player as they could just as their price could just as easily drop after the game.

In conclusion, I recommend just doing what works for you best as there are many different ways to trade and buying players for single match days is just one more method of making money on Football Index.

Below are a few more key considerations which I imagine could be partly why player's are increasing so much in anticipation for single match days:

Key Considerations

  • Player's gain trader's attention - A lot of price increases come purely from traders becoming more aware of a player. Strong player performances stand out more when there are less games on.

  • Social Media - it is likely there will be traders suggesting a player is 'worth buying' because they have a single match day coming up - irrespective of their already inflated price

  • How many fixtures there are on the single match day

  • Selling before the game - often a player will drop after the game so unless they could be good value for more future IPD or a longer term hold, it can be risky to carry the player at their increased price into the game

  • Selling during the game - If the player performs well you could sell during the game for an even better profit. My Lautaro Martinez shares increased to a peak of £1.58 during the game and he has since dropped to £1.45

  • Market Trend - players will increase and decrease all the time due to market trends and often these trends will not directly correlate to the relevant player's dividend potential (For example, the Youth Tournaments over summer) and so if you are good at making money from trends - get on the trend early and make some money from capital appreciation!

  • Dividends - consider the dividends you will get from single match days and consider if it is really worth it

  • Risk - a point that I have not seen mentioned is that Football Index are currently running a '£1,000 Money Back Guarantee offer' for new customers. This could affect many new trader's approach to risk which could include chasing large, short term profits to take advantage of this offer.

In case you do want to give trading players for single match days a go, below are all of the single match day fixtures for the next 2 months (Fixtures may change). Credit to Mozz for creating and letting me use the table below.

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Single match days with single fixtures:

Aston Villa - West Ham United

Villarreal - Real Valladolid

VFL Wolfsburg - 1899 Hoffenheim

Manchester United - Arsenal

Sheffield United - Arsenal

Southampton - Leicester City

Teams with more than one game on a single Match Day:

Real Betis (3)

Southampton (2)

Arsenal (2)

Wolfsburg (2)

Villareal (2)

Real Valladolid (2)


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