Finding Europe's Most Creative Players

It has been a brilliant week or two on Football Index. Times have not felt so good since before the market was paralysed in March 2020 by the removal of Instant Sell and the onslaught of a deadly virus.

It has been a rocky few months and Football Index's poor decision making at times has catapulted the market's confidence down into a pit of despair. But, Mike has come to the rescue and the market has least to some extent.

Most importantly, confidence seems to be slowly returning as one good decision after another forms the cement of belief in the platform that we all originally had when things were going well.

Jadon Sancho and Phil Foden

Despite plenty of price rises, a huge amount of the market is still hugely underpriced and some players certainly stand out in particular when making price comparisons.

One of the more noticeable price increases has been that found in quality, young, English players.

For example, we have seen big rises including:

Jadon Sancho +73%

Mason Greenwood +65%

Callum Hudson-Odoi +63%

Bukayo Saka +61%

Phil Foden +59%

I think there are four main reasons for these rises:

  • All five players have put in strong performances recently

  • Jadon Sancho's high price drags up the prices of those below him

  • Confidence has returned in the long term prospects of Football Index

  • Cap on shares could result in an increase in demand longer-term and FOMO

Meanwhile, other areas of the market have barely moved. In this blog, I will be taking a look at players with serious Match Day Scoring potential from the top 5 leagues of Europe.

To conduct this analysis I have used the master table on Index Edge. *This is where I source my data from and if you have not already you can sign up for a free trial to this site here!

All of the data below is from the start of the 2019-2020 season.

What has become increasingly obvious when analysing match day scores and dividend winners, in particular, is their ability to perform well in 3 core metrics:

  1. Passing

  2. Crossing

  3. Key Passes

This creativity is what makes Joshua Kimmich such a consistent dividend winner. Kimmich completes the third-most passes per 90 of all players in Europe and is higher than 1st placed (Pjanic) and 2nd placed (Kroos) for both crosses and key passes.

Joshua Kimmich

But Kimmich does not stop there. He also provided more than twice as many goal contributions as Pjanic and Kroos. By adding goal contributions onto his already very solid base (Built-up largely from passing, crossing and key passes) - Kimmich is a match day dividend machine.

Therefore, this analysis will be looking at players who:

  1. Average 30+ passes per 90

  2. Average 1.75+ crosses per 90

  3. Average 1.2+ key passes per 90

  4. Provide goal contributions fairly often (Data excludes players who have provided less than 4 goal contributions)

Creative Players Excel Spreadsheet

Creative players

Creative Players Google Spreadsheet

'The Sweet Spot'

As you can see below, there are a number of players in the £0.90-£1.20 range who could be great holds as they provide a lot of goal contributions and are also creative in attack. Timo Werner and Kylian Mbappe are also stand-out picks.

In addition to the slightly higher priced options of Werner and Mbappe, below are the players that stand out from this research:

*I have also included average offers below as I believe that with 12 rungs of bids being introduced tomorrow, those with the higher average offers could be particularly strong picks if FOMO is strong as bid walls could get knocked down quickly.

Achraf Hakimi


Average Offers - £2.56

G&A - 29

57.56 Passes per 90

3.74 Crosses per 90

1.32 Key Passes per 90

Moussa Diaby


Average Offers - £1.69

G&A - 26

30.10 Passes per 90

4.38 Crosses per 90

1.54 Key Passes per 90

Leon Bailey


Average Offers - £1.79

G&A - 25

32.40 Passes per 90

5.99 Crosses per 90

1.82 Key Passes per 90

Kingsley Coman


Average Offers - £1.99

G&A - 25

39.03 Passes per 90

2.17 Crosses per 90

4.86 Key Passes per 90

Dejan Kulusevski


Average Offers - £2.10

G&A - 22

32.13 Passes per 90

2.23 Crosses per 90

4.86 Key Passes per 90

Christopher Nkunku


Average Offers - £1.99

G&A - 22

34.42 Passes per 90

6.02 Crosses per 90

3.29 Key Passes per 90

Jonathan Bamba


Average Offers - £1.25

G&A - 21

39.88 Passes per 90

2.92 Crosses per 90

1.89 Key Passes per 90

Lorenzo Pellegrini


Average Offers - £1.80

G&A - 20

45.97 Passes per 90

5.82 Crosses per 90

2.78 Key Passes per 90