FIC Weekly 10.05.20

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Welcome to the FIC weekly blog which will be posted every Sunday! These blog posts will cover what has gone on throughout the week in the world of Football Index. Below you can read about the top risers of the week, how players highlighted on Football Index Club have fared lately and what you have to look forward to from Football Index and Football Index Club next week.

Summary of the week

The main news this week has been that the Bundesliga is set to return next Saturday (16/05/20). Unsurprisingly this had a huge impact on the market with many traders eagerly anticipating the return of match days. Bundesliga players have accounted for 18 of the 25 biggest risers in the market this week.

What is perhaps a more surprising point worth mentioning is that this last week we have seen many lower priced players rise. Over the last few months, a lot of money has been injected into some of the highest priced players on the platform and for good reason too. Higher priced players generally earn more in media dividends which has been the only way players have been able to earn dividends for quite some time now.

Football returning may have contributed to shifting traders attention back towards some lower priced players who could be fairly good value based on the prospect of them earning Match Day or In-Play Dividends.

Although players such as Timo Werner, Bruno Fernandes and Erling Braut Haland have increased considerable amounts this week, it has been lower priced players who have risen the most in percentage terms. Milot Rashica is the only player over £2 making it into the top 25 risers (As a %).

*It is worth pointing out the differences in price increases can also be explained by it taking more money to shift the price of higher priced players and because there are more players in the £0.50 - £1 range (668) than the £1+ range (450).

FIC (Football Index Club) Blog posts and results this week

Two blog posts that have included players have been posted this week and we have already seen very promising signs:

Loans, contracts ending and potential transfers blog

Philipp Max has risen 4.2% in 6 days

Philipp Max has already risen 4.2% as he falls under the current Bundesliga market trend.

Many of the players in the Loans, contracts ending and potential transfers blog could be susceptible to transfer links and so may take longer to rise in price depending on if / when transfer links emerge.

Similarly, traders may start to pay closer attention to on loan players as we get closer to the end of this season.

Football Returns..#2

The Football Returns..#2 blog has also shown very impressive results just 2 days after being posted.

Hendrik Weydandt has increased 16.1% in 2 days

Hendrik Weydandt was very well received in this blog, already rising an impressive 16.1% in just 2 days. If he can score a few goals for Hannover 96 whilst there are a lack of other leagues on, the increased exposure could lead to a further increase in price similar to what we have seen with Tim Kleindeinst.

However, Hannover 96 had been due to play Dynamo Dresden this weekend who have had many players test positive for Covid-19. Therefore, Weydandt won't get an opportunity to potentially shine until later this month, at the earliest, with 2.Bundesliga being postponed.

Weston McKennie has increased 8.1% in 2 days

Weston McKennie has increased 8.1% in just 2 days. Since being highlighted on the site, 'Goal' have reported how McKennie would love to play in England and this has led to further demand for McKennie. Depending on his performance this weekend against Borussia Dortmund, he could increase in price further as many traders are likely to be watching this game.

No players from this weeks blogs have decreased in price since being highlighted on the site.

Top risers of the week (Currently Over 50p)

As there are many players who rise huge amounts (As a %) under 50p, this section of the FIC Weekly will focus on the top risers over 50p throughout the market.

Fode Ballo-Toure

Fode Ballo-Toure from £0.46 to £0.55

Ballo-Toure has increased a huge 17% in price this week due to tenuous Chelsea transfer links emerging as Chelsea continue to hunt for a new left back. Ballo-Toure has reportedly been linked to RB Leipzig and Schalke too.

Ballo-Toure's PB scores have been poor for Monaco and he is yet to hit a PB score higher than 152, but at the age of 23 he is still relatively young and at a relatively low price given the transfer links.

Ballo-Toure's rise shows the value in finding strong, relatively young players who's low price may be a reflection of their low PB scores. Due to their low PB scores and subsequent low price, such players can make for attractive holds if transfer links are likely as a change in circumstance can grab trader's attention as it can lead to an improved chance of earning dividends in the future.

Kenan Karaman from £0.47 to £0.54

Kenan Karaman

Karaman has increased 15% in price this week due to the Bundesliga returning with struggling Fortuna Dusseldorf facing bottom of the league SC Paderborn 07 this weekend. Karaman scored 3 goals in his last 2 Bundesliga games before the break in football.

Although Karaman may be a relatively strong hold for In-Play Dividends especially given Fortuna Dusseldorf face SC Paderborn 07 in their next game, Karaman's chances of earning match day dividends appear very low. Scoring game winning goal and also providing an assist earlier this season against Werder Bremen, Karaman hit just a 166 and only managed to hit a 131 when scoring 2 goals against Hertha Berlin.

*It is important to consider if there will be buyers in the market following the 30 day IPD cycle and timing such purchases will be key to being profitable. With just 9 Bundesliga games left, it may not be the best time to buy players purely for In-Play Dividends as after the first 30 day cycle, traders may be skeptical about buying into an IPD player that they may struggle to sell afterwards with few games remaining.

Jann-Fiete Arp from £1.43 to £1.65

Arp has risen 14% this week due to a lot of comparative pricing to the likes of Joshua Zirkzee and other young forwards at top sides. Speculation has been the main driving force behind Arp's recent rise with little change in his underlying chances of game time for Bayern Munich this season.

A fairly recent report suggesting Zirkzee has not been playing so well in training recently may have also contributed to Arp's recent rise. If Arp does get some game time and performs well towards the end of the season, he could increase in price a huge amount. However, this is currently a big IF.

Jann-Fiete Apr's recent rise is a reminder of the huge, reactive price increases we had been regularly seeing prior to the break in football. Traders are perhaps anticipating more of the same once football returns and taking a chance on Arp in the hope he gets some game time.

What’s coming up?

Order Books

We received a market update from Adam Cole this week that progress is being made with regards to order books:

'We’re close to implementing the first phase of changes to the platform which will resemble features included in our NASDAQ-powered Order Books, which is still very much the end goal. We plan to make an announcement next Wednesday (13/05/20) to explain what will be included in the first phase.'

Order Books are a huge, exciting addition to the platform and will help market prices reflect the true demand for players. More content on Order Books will be written throughout future blogs on Football Index Club too.

Bundesliga Returning

As discussed above, the Bundesliga is returning next weekend! Next week's FIC weekly will be going over what has gone on throughout the week and there will be further analysis of players from the Bundesliga games included.

Updates on when Serie A, La Liga and the Premier League will return

Serie A still looks the most likely to return next after the Bundesliga as many La Liga and Premier League players are being found to have contracted the virus.

Hopefully, we will receive more information on when we can expect the other 3 PB leagues to return next week.

'When to sell on Football Index?' blog post

Another 'When to sell on Football Index?' blog will be posted on the site this upcoming week which will be a very comprehensive guide to help with selling.

More Players..

And of course at some point throughout next week, there will be more players highlighted on the site so if you haven't already, make sure to sign up for email updates here.


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