FIC Weekly 28.12.20

Hello Football Index Club Traders! This is going to be the last FIC Weekly of the year and possibly ever as a new Football Index project is right around the corner!

Once all is confirmed, details will be sent out to all FIC members about this new project. This new project that should be announced next month will result in you having access to:

  • More content

  • More analysis

  • More data

  • Same FIC community (Including the Private Discord Channel)

My aim this year has been to create the most valuable Football Index site possible and I know that what is just around the corner will help me get one step closer to doing exactly that.

The Rollercoaster ride

On Christmas day and boxing day we saw plenty of players rise in price. But, many of which have declined again since.

I have mentioned in plenty of recent blogs that it is likely that the market will continue to be relatively volatile for a few months. Unless Football Index steps in as an anchor to hold the ship in place by providing a solution to the liquidity issues, we are going to rock up and down for months.

I've previously mentioned how we can profit from these price fluctuations but at the moment I believe these prices are close to the very bottom that they will hit, therefore it is arguably a risky move to trade in and out of this market at this moment in time. The risk is that the market flies back up and we are left with a cash balance after the rockets have already commenced.

Maximising returns

One of the few ways to make a profit in this market is by selling to buy back again at lower prices. Although I am not a fan of this type of trading, if you get the timing right then maybe it is worth doing.

However, for long term success, I think it is best to attempt to shape a portfolio ready for a rebound in the market. As confidence is so low right now, many players who could improve over the upcoming seasons and potentially become worth 5-10 times their current price are currently at very low prices.

Traders are looking to buy the safest players on the market and with all of the changes this season, that is understandable.

But, if the market does rebound and if optimism and the vision for potential growth do return to existing traders as well as exciting thousands of new ones - I think there is a strong chance that elite youth will benefit from the greatest rises in price.

Final comments

If this does end up being the final FIC blog, I want to thank you all for your time reading the content on here and for your membership. It's been a real tough year so thank you for your support and I know that as a result, I will be able to create much more value next year which will help us all make great returns on Football Index!

Finally, I will also be starting a new-ish FI podcast in the new year and I am looking for guests, so if you fancy a chat about FI then drop me an email:


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