FIC Weekly 26.07.20

This week on Football Index started off very slow. There were few rises and the market was generally stagnant. The hype around goalkeepers had worn off and spreads across the platform remained wide. But then the Summer Promotions announcement came long and although it came as a bit of a surprise and did not lead to rockets straight away, it has had a significantly positive impact on the market.

Tightened spreads

Since the introduction of the Matching Engine, we can not only judge the momentum in the market by risers/fallers. Checking in on the very visual increase lists does not present a true reflection of demand throughout the market as the majority of traders know they can buy players at below market prices via matched bids.

We did not see massive rises in players in reaction the recent announcement like we would in the past, but we have seen many spreads tighten. This is incredibly important for the platform as traders need attractive sell prices to be tempted to sell players to free up funds to buy other players and create the liquidity which was so prevalent in the past.

It is worth pointing out that there are still many players with very wide spreads who will not become more valuable due to the recent summer promotions. If searching for longer term holds, many of these players will now be very valuable if bought via matched bids.

FIC Players

It has been another successful week for players recently highlighted on Football Index Club. Gosen's increased over 12% within just 24 hours of being highlighted within the Summer Promotions blog on FIC earlier this week.

Many of the other players that have recently been highlighted on FIC are likely to benefit from Ligue 1 returning or transfer rumours over summer. Ligue 1 returns next month and we may see a number of Ligue 1 players start to creep up in price over the upcoming weeks.

In the short term, players that are likely to earn plenty of media dividends could really benefit from the fairly generous media dividend payouts that fall under the Summer Promotions.

What's coming up?

Serie A still have two games left, but before the Serie A season finishes there will be plenty more FIC analysis coming up in the form of blog posts.

There are also many new Player Reviews which can be found here and as always there will be more highlighted players.


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