FIC Weekly 24.05.20

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Well, another week on Football Index has gone by and what a week it has been! The introduction of the Matching Engine has been game-changing as the platform goes from strength to strength.

Summary of the week

The Matching Engine's introduction on Friday (22.05.20) has created many opportunities throughout the market. Tiny spreads on some of the highest priced players has increased liquidity at the top end whilst there are many options in the lower end of the market to take advantage of very low prices as traders sell for well below market prices.

Kai Havertz has risen 26% this week and only has a 5p spread

FIC (Football Index Club) Blog posts and results this week

It has been another very successful week for players highlighted in this week's Football Index Club players blog.

The Matching Engine - Player Opportunities blog has already led to two players rising considerable amounts in just 2 days as La Liga looks set to return on 8th June.

Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres

Torres has immediately increased in price on the back of the news of La Liga returning. Highlighted on the site for the 6th time (First at £1.27) last Friday at £2.78, Torres is currently trading at £2.93 and following a few strong performances he could fly up in price even further.

Although Torres is yet to reach the same levels as Havertz/Haaland - he shares the same characteristics of being very young, very talented and gaining transfer links to very strong sides. If he scores in his first games back in La Liga - he could rocket in price.

Oscar Rodriguez

Oscar Rodriguez

Rodriguez has increased a considerable 11.7% in price in just two days from £1.36 (When highlighted) up to £1.51.

Rodriguez' price could fly even further if he performs well for Leganes and longer term - he could rise considerably as transfer links start to develop.

Top risers of the week (Currently Over 50p)

Overall, the main risers this week have been in particularly young Bundesliga talents and a few young La Liga talents too. With La Liga returning soon, it may be best to turn our attention to quality, young La Liga players who are yet to rise considerably yet.

Matheus Cunha

Matheus Cunha from £1.73 to £2.12 (+22.5%)

Cunha's huge rise this increase has been due to his very strong form recently scoring consecutively in his last 4 games. Cunha is a 20 year old Brazilian with tons of flair and the ability to score the spectacular.

In terms of chances of earning dividends, Cunha's PB scores have generally been very low despite scoring regularly. However, he is a player who really catches the eye and undoubtedly has a bright future. RB Leipzig away mid-week will be a great test for a new and improved Hertha Berlin side and will provide us a better insight on Cunha. Overall, Cunha's price is likely to continue to rise whilst he scores consecutively.

Kai Havertz

Kai Havertz from £5.34 to £6.78 (+26.9%)

Kai Havertz' huge rise this week has been combined with him earning plenty of dividends (Match Day & Media) following his strong performances.

Havertz has been in spectacular form lately, filling the center forward role in well with the abscence of Alario and Volland. Havertz has scored 4 goals in his last 2 games and this will only increase the demand from stronger sides for Havertz further. As further transfer speculation is likely, Havertz could still remain a reasonably strong hold.

Martin Odegaard from £3.64 to £4.52 (+24.1%)

Odegaard's price rise has been caused by a number of reasons combining together to result in a huge injection of trader's balances into him.

Firstly, we have seen a trend towards quality, young players lately. Secondly, La Liga is reportedly set to return on 8th June. Thirdly, Odegaard's statistics have been positively shown on Twitter recently and finally Real Madrid have recently confirmed they will be recalling his loan and so he could get game time for Real Madrid next season - leading to higher PB scores.

Overall, Odegaard could be a great longer term hold, however, given his highest PB score since November is just 161 and he has risen a huge amount recently - short term capital appreciation gains could be limited.

What’s coming up?

La Liga Returns!

Pedro Sanchez, Spain's Prime Minister, has confirmed that La Liga can return on 8th June.

La Liga Returns!

We are already seeing huge rises in some La Liga talents, such as the above players and Martin Odegaard who has flown up in price this week. We may well see more La Liga players rising throughout the week and if there are value options...they will be highlighted on the site.

Elite Youth Talents!

We are seeing many elite youth players rise considerably in price. Haaland, Havertz and Martin Odegaard are prime examples. With La Liga returning, we may see more elite La Liga youth talents rising in price - especially if there is a chance of such players gaining transfer links.

This is possibly one of the main reasons that explains Oscar Rodriguez' huge increase in price this week.

Rodrygo (Currently £3.41) and Vinicius Junior (Currently £3.03) are a couple of players who, although they are unlikely to gain transfer links, could be good holds in the short term as if they score a few goals for Real Madrid upon La Liga's return could fly up in price.

More players will be highlighted on the site this week!


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