FIC Weekly 19.07.20

It has been an interesting week on Football Index. The week started with many of the top end player's spreads widening and the market had continued to drop. However, over the last few days the market appears to have steadied and a number of player's prices have started to rise again.

Overall, it appears the worse of the recent drops and the days of money only flooding into goalkeepers are now over. We can now start to look forward to the future of Football Index with an exciting few months ahead.

Goalkeepers rising

As mentioned in recent blogs, recency bias, availability bias and fear of missing out (FOMO) had all played a part in the recent dominant trend towards goalkeepers. However, there is also no doubt that some of the goalkeeper prior to the last week stood out as excellent value and so it was no surprise to see keepers rise so much following the introduction of the goalkeeper dividend category.

Sevilla's goalkeeper, Yassine Bounou, has risen 108% in price this week

Over the last week, the top 38 risers on Football Index were all goalkeepers. It is unlikely we will ever see a trend towards one category of player as dominant as we have seen this week again.

However, it now appears most goalkeepers that had stood out as strong value have already been sweeped up by traders and there are few stand-out opportunities in the goalkeeper department remaining. Traders have started to look elsewhere again and over the next few weeks, it is unlikely we will see much more money injected into goalkeeper shares. Over the last 24 hours, 63.1% of the top 38 risers have been outfield players (Compared to 0% over the course of the week).

FIC Players

We have also seen plenty of success in FIC highlighted players recently. 10 players have been highlighted on Football Index Club over the past week and all can be found here.

A number of goalkeepers, players playing in the Champions/Europa League and Ligue 1 players have been highlighted on Football Index Club this week.

Christian Fruchtl has risen 41.1% since being highlighted on FIC this week

Over the next few weeks, more players will be highlighted on FIC and it is likely that many will be:

  • Champions/Europa League players

  • Ligue 1 Players

  • Transfer Speculation Players

However, it is unlikely many more goalkeepers will be highlighted on FIC as the trend towards keepers appears to be fading away and spreads on a number of goalkeepers could widen.

Momentum in the market

One interesting insight from this week which was very evident was the impact that the lack of momentum has on players hitting high PB scores. Pasalic and Calhanoglu both hit high PB scores earlier in the week, but due to the lack of momentum, neither rose very much.

Towards the end of the week, as confidence in the market was slowly being restored by slightly improved liquidity provided by Market Makers and the general positivity on social media, we saw both Pasalic and Calhanoglu increase considerably in price.

Calhanoglu was first highlighted on FIC at £0.88 and has been highlighted twice since

Although Calhanoglu's most recent spike in price was due to earning match day dividends again last night, his price had really taken off once there was more momentum in the market again.

It can be very profitable to pick up high PB scoring, low priced players during times when there is a lack of momentum in the market as many traders tend to look at past data to make trading decisions and so once momentum improves - such high PB scoring players can rise in price.

*Calhanoglu and Pasalic have both been highlighted on FIC in previous months

What's coming up?

Football Index still have plenty to implement over the upcoming weeks and the actions that Football Index take are likely to lead to improved liquidity. It would not come as too much of a surprise if Football Index were to introduce some kind of promotion or incentive that will get the market moving over the upcoming months to smooth the transition into the full order books system.

In terms of Football Index Club, more players will be highlighted in due course and there will be plenty more analysis of players on Football Index in the Player Reviews section of the site.

The aim is to get every player in the top 200 on Football Index part of the Player Reviews Database and eventually have every player with any value part of this database to build the best database for in-depth analyis of players on Foootball Index


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