FIC Weekly 07.09.20

Demand for transfer targets, La Liga & Serie A IPD players as well as the demand for quality, young players has drastically picked up this week.

As mentioned in the recent Youth rises & IPD Value blog, there are plenty of players who could be strong, short-term IPD holds during the 5X IPD promotion.

However, over the last few days, it is quality, young players and a few transfer targets who have been rising in price the most.

Ansu Fati's performance for Spain's national side last night understandably led to his price rocketing up and it is likely we will see much of the same in other young players who perform well in the short term.

Value Young Players

The current trend towards young, quality players looks set to continue and so there will be plenty more highlighted youngsters added to FIC tomorrow!

Many of the players highlighted in last month's FIC 11 (Under 24/Under £2) blog could still be very valuable holds and so could those who were selected for the bench of this team. We have already seen some considerable rises just one month later.

The FIC 11 and bench picks were highlighted as long term holds, but here are some of the best rises so far, just one month later:

  • Gautier Larsonneur + 19.6%

  • Oscar Rodriguez + 16.9%

  • Musa Barrow +17.8%

  • Federico Dimarco + 21.7%

  • Rafa Mir + 47.2%

Extensive research into the lower end of the market paid off, with Rafa Mir rising 47.2% in one month

Tomorrow there will be over 8 more young, under 24, under £3 highlighted and thoroughly analysed players added to the site.

Selling in demand players

At the moment, there is a real mixture of in demand and out of demand players. The value of two players may be fairly similar, but mostly due to recency bias or general sentiment - one player could have a tight spread and the other a very wide one.

Once order books are implemented, it is likely that the market prices of out of demand players will drop considerably.

This could open up plenty of opportunities to sell the in-demand players to then buy the out of demand players and then to wait until such players rise.

Over the upcoming weeks, it is likely that having a cash balance to take advantage of the huge opportunities that open up could be useful.

*Look out for value players with wide spreads now (It may be worth adding to your watchlist) as you may stand an even better chance of catching a bargain once trader's panic and sell once order books are implemented.

FIC Rebrand

As you may have noticed, the website now has a new logo and the Football Index Value Players group is now called 'Football Index Club'.

With the site properly running for over 1 year now, it is time to make even better improvements to Football Index Club in the hope of helping members maximise their profits on a platform full of opportunity.

With summer drawing to a close, the next few months are going to be full of intense work in the attempt to offer as much valuable content for members as possible.

And on that note, if you have any topics on Football Index or any content that you think could improve your returns on Football Index, please send your suggestion to me using email:

Thank you and I look forward to posting plenty of players tomorrow!


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