FIC Analysed Players 02.06.20

Adam Cole's recent Q&A has given us further clarification on the future of Football Index expelling many of the rumours which have been circulating over recent months.

The main news to come out of this Q&A is that:

Tiered PB - Will not be implemented

NASDAQ - Aims to have it fully implemented for 2020/2021 season (Current Matching Engine is not run through NASDAQ)

PB Matrix - Will be up for review (But no suggestion that it will be changed) - announcement coming later this summer

Media - More news on this later this summer, but Football Index are looking to focus on quality news sources and may remove tabloids

Germany expansion- Football Index will expand into Germany in Q4 of 2020 at the earliest, but there may not be shared liquidity (Depending on if it can be achieved legally)

In terms of buying or selling players, the main things to consider may be:

  • Players with peak PB scores will be favoured over players with high PB averages due to tiered PB not being implemented

  • Uncertainty over PB matrix/Media could impact trader's decisions temporarily

  • Uncertainty over shared liquidity in expanding countries may impact how much trader's favour German League players

There will be a survey going out next week to help Football Index decide on some of the above further.

Overall, today's Q&A is unlikely to make any significant changes to the market other than removing some of the speculation which may have influenced buying players with high PB averages.

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