FIC 11 - The Bench (Under 24's/Under £2)

In the most recent FIC blog, I covered 11 players that I expect to rise considerably over the next 12 months. Upon researching for such players, I came across so many players that I wanted to share with you members.

Therefore, it felt necessary to make a bench for the FIC 11. The bench comprises of players who could arguably be seen as more risky holds due to many being less proven, but many of their price ceilings are very high and some could be very strong holds over the next 12 months.

FIC 11 with substitutes

The aim and my prediction is that over the next 12 months, the average capital apprecation/dividends earned by both the FIC 11 and the players in today's blog will beat that of Jadon Sancho.

All 7 players and their full player profiles can also be found on the Latest Highlighted Players page.

To avoid having to click into each of the different profiles, I have included their player desriptions below.

Gregor Kobel

Buy 0.42 Sell £0.27

Gregor Kobel is a goalkeeper for VFB Stuggart. Kobel impressed in 2.Bundesliga whilst on loan from Hoffenheim. On 28/07/20, VFB Stuggart permanently signed Kobel, from Hoffenheim, for 4 million Euros. It is likely that Kobel will remain Stuggart's number 1 for their return to the Bundesliga. Kobel kept an impressive 11 clean sheets in 2.Bundesliga in 31 games and he is likely to be much more busy whilst playing for Stuggart in the Bundesliga. Overall, Kobel is a relatively young goalkeeper who could earn a huge amount of his price in goalkeeper dividends throughout his career. Kobel could also return a considerable amount of his price in In-Play Dividends during the 5X IPD promotion.

Gregor Kobel

Gregor Kobel's price started the season at just £0.19 and had increased to £0.25 following Stuggart's promotion. Kobel's price then increased considerably following the introduction of goalkeeper dividends and his price currently sits at £0.42. However, he still has a relatively wide spread with an instant sell price of £0.27 and so it is likely that bids could be matched within this spread. Kobel has a relatively low price for a young goalkeeper and given his potential to earn goalkeeper dividends and also In-Play Dividends - he could be fairly strong value at his market price as a longer term hold. If Kobel earns In-Play Dividends under the 5X promotion, it is likely his spread will tighten considerably.

Nikola Milenkovic

Buy £0.78 Sell £0.59

Nikola Milenkovic is a center back for Fiorentina. Milenkovic broke onto the scene at the 2018 World Cup where he really stood out at the back for Serbia. Standing at 6 foot 4, Milenkovic is particularly strong in the air and he is also strong at slide tackles. Milenkovic scored 5 goals for Fiorentina during the 2019-2020 season and his strong end to the season has recently led to interest from stronger Serie A sides including both Inter and AC Milan. Despite scoring a total of 5 goals for Fiorentina including 2 GWG's Milenkovic's peak PB scores have not been particularly high, but at a team with more possession (Fiorentina averaged 48.2% during the 2019-2020 season), Milenkovic's PB scores could improve. Overall, Milenkovic's ability to score from defence and strong defensive abilities could lead to higher PB scores in the future at a stronger side. Furthermore, Milenkovic has a strong chance of earning high IPD payouts, especially during IPD promotions.

Nikola Milenkovic

Nikola Milenkovic's price started the season at £0.66 and due to transfer links, hit a peak price of £0.90 in January 2020. A move did not develop and Milenkovic's price is currently down to £0.78 with an instant sell price of £0.59. If transfer links develop further, Milenkovic's spread could tighten and so he could be a strong hold if bought within his fairly wide spread. Milenkovic is also likely to start for Serbia at both EURO 2020 and the 2022 World Cup which could lead to him gaining further attention if he is able to stand out like he did at the 2018 World Cup. Overall, Milenkovic does not appear likely to hit high peak PB scores at Fiorentina often, but at a stronger side he could complete more passes and consequently hit high PB scores in games where he scores. Given his potential, Milenkovic could be a strong longer term hold.

Federico Dimarco

Buy £0.46 Sell £0.39

Federico Dimarco is a left back for Hellas Verona, on loan from Inter Milan. Dimarco only managed 24 minutes from the bench whilst at Inter Milan in the first half of the season and then struggled for regular game time at Verona too. Verona line up in a 3-4-2-1 formation and play their best attacker, Darko Lazovic, in left midfield which resulted in Dimarco being left out of the starting 11 for the majority of games. However, Dimarco did play a total of 514 minutes for Verona, including playing a full 90 minutes in Verona's final two games. Dimarco played in a left center back role, but had the freedom to go forward and in the few minutes that Dimarco has played this season - he has shown plenty of PB potential. Dimarco averaged a very high 2.3 shots, 58 passes and 2 key passes per 90. Furthermore, Dimarco attempted an extremely high 9.5 crosses per 90, though only 21% were accurate. The sample size is small, but Dimarco was able to earn £0.05 in match day dividends by hitting a 227 when he provided 2 assists and he also hit a very impressive 175 in a 3-0 defeat to Genoa. Overall, Dimarco may struggle to play very regularly, but if he can gain regular game time next season, he could have a fairly strong chance of earning more match day dividends in the future.

Federico Dimarco

Federico Dimarco's price started the season at £0.37. Dimarco's price has remained relatively stagnant throughout most of the season due to a general lack of game, but his price did hit a peak of £0.47 upon moving to Hellas Verona on loan. Due to performing so well in Verona's final two games and showing plenty of PB potential as well as earning £0.05 in matchday dividends, Dimarco's price has recently increased a fair amount from £0.41 up to a current price of £0.46. Dimarco also has a tight spread with an instant sell price of £0.39. Overall, Dimarco is arguably a risky hold as he may not play regularly next season and it remains to be seen which team he will be playing for. However, given his young age, low price and suitability to the PB matrix - he could be a very strong longer term hold.

Manuel Morlanes

Buy £0.51 Sell £0.35

Manuel Morlanes is a central midfielder for Villareal. Morlanes struggled with a range of injuries throughout the 2019-2020 season and so only managed to play 251 minutes in La Liga. Morlanes has excellent vision, ball control and is particularly strong at through balls. Morlanes has shown his ability on a number of occassions to make defence splitting, perfectly weighted passes and so with more regular game time in the future - he could provide plenty of assists. Morlanes tends to complete passes into the final third, but does not shoot regularly and so is unlikely to score many goals in the future. Overall, Morlanes could occassionally hit high PB scores due to his strong passing ability and creativity in attack. With ageing central midfields and Anguissa possibly returning to Fulham, Morlanes appears fairly likely to get more game time next season.

Manuel Morlanes

Manuel Morlanes' price started the season at £0.63. Morlanes' price has dropped this season due to struggling with injuries and his price currently sits at £0.51 with an instant sell price of £0.35. Morlanes is still very young and has shown a lot of potential at times over the last few seasons. With Villareal in Europe next season, Morlanes could gain more game time due to squad rotation and also players leaving Villareal. It is likely that Morlanes could be purchased via a matched bid at a discount on his current market price and although he may remain relatively stagnant in price due to a lack of game time - he appears a strong longer term hold given his potential and low price. Morlanes is unlikely to hit high peak PB scores often due to playing in more of a deep midfield role, but as he can create chances he could occassionally earn match day dividends and increase in price longer term.

Rayhaan Tulloch

Buy £0.76 Sell £0.63

Rayhaan Tulloch is a winger for West Bromwich Albion. Tulloch is very fast, strong at dribbling and has been a strong finisher at youth level. Tulloch scored 9 goals in 14 games for West Bromwich Albion's U23's in the Premier League 2 division 2 during the 2019-2020 season. Tulloch has excellent attacking awareness and has used his tight ball control to create many chances for himself which he has managed to finish. Tulloch is undoubtedly too good to be playing for West Brom's Under 23's and it is likely Tulloch thinks the same as he is occassionally frustrated with poor play from teammates. Alongside 5 other nominees including Curtis Jones and Billy Gilmour, Tulloch was nominated for the Premier League 2 player of the season award (He lost out to Curtis Jones). Other than a few brief appearances in cup competitions, Tulloch has failed to break into West Brom's first team. West Brom's recent promotion may lead to Tulloch being sent out on loan next season where he may have a chance to impress and longer term he has a fairly strong chance of breaking into the first team, especially as he has recently extended his contract to June 2024.

Rayhaan Tulloch

Rayhaan Tulloch's price started the season at £0.62. During the strong trend towards high PB scoring players, Tulloch's price dropped to a low of £0.55 in late November. By the end of December Tulloch's price had hit a peak of £1.07 due to the sudden emergence of transfer links to a number of sides. However, no transfer developed and Tulloch has recently signed a contract at West Brom until June 2024. Tulloch's price has dropped in recent months and currently sits at a market price of £0.76 with an instant sell price of £0.63. Tulloch has shown a lot of potential at youth level and has a very high price ceiling given he is an attacking, young, English winger. Overall, Tulloch could be a strong long term hold given his potential, but he is still relatively risky due to being so unproven at senior level.

Rafa Mir

Buy £0.34 Sell £0.26

Rafa Mir is a center forward for Huesca, on loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers. In the first half of the 2019-2020 season, Mir was sent out to Nottingham Forest but the loan move did not work out and he only played a total of 210 Championship minutes. Failing to break into a Championship side, certainly raises the question as to how he would be able to break into a PB league side in the future, but in January he was sent out on loan to Huesca in the Segunda Division where he enjoyed a much more fruitful loan spell. Mir scored 9 goals and provided 1 assist for Huesca, but it is important to point out that 7 of these goals and the assist came following the restart of the Segunda Division. Mir contributed towards a goal once every 84.25 minutes in Huesca's final 12 games, helping Huesca to the title. It is likely that Mir will remain in Spain as Huesca are reportedly keen on permanently signing him. If Huesca do not sign him, there is a strong chance that another La Liga side will buy him and Mir has reportedly gained the interest of Atletico Madrid.

Rafa Mir

Rafa Mir's price started the season at £0.44. Mir is one of a few young players, on loan from PB league sides, who's price has actually dropped since the start of the season. Mir currently has a market price of just £0.34 with an instant sell price of £0.26. Mir is arguably a very risky hold given the lack of liquidity in the very lower end of the market and the possibility he fails to play in a PB league again next season. It is also worth mentioning that in May, Mir had an instant sell price of just £0.12 and if he fails to play in a PB league, he could be very difficult to sell at a reasonable spread. However, the potential upside is very high, especially as Atletico Madrid transfer links have recently emerged (Although this transfer does not appear very likely). Overall, as Mir enjoyed a very strong spell at Huesca, has performed well in previous years for Spain's youth sides and is currently at such a low price - he could be a strong long term hold given the reasonably high chance that he plays in La Liga next season.

Breel Embolo

Buy £1.04 Sell £0.79

Breel Embolo is a center forward for Borussia Monchengladbach. Embolo had a very successful 2019-2020 season scoring 8 goals and providing 8 assists in just 24 games. Averaging a goal contribution once every 97 minutes, Embolo makes for a strong player for earning In-Play Dividends and he will also benefit from Monchengladbach playing in the Champions League. Embolo is strong at getting in goal-scoring positions and averages a high 2.46 shots per 90, however, he could improve his finishing further as he only hits 35% of his shots on target. Furthermore, Thuram and Plea are both better finishers than Embolo and both average 1.44 shots on target per 90 compared to Embolo's 0.87 shots on target per 90. However, both forwards only scored two more goals than Embolo. Embolo is not particularly strong at passing only averaging 21 passes, 1.2 key passes and 0.14 crosses per 90. But, his strength lies in his pace and dribbling ability combined with his attacking awareness and ability to score and assist regularly. Embolo attempts 4.54 dribbles per 90 and has a fairly high 55% success rate. Overall, Embolo does not suit the PB matrix particularly well due to low passing and crossing statistics, but he only scored 1 GWG out of his 8 goals during the 2019-2020 season and he could certainly score braces/hat-tricks on occassion which could lead to high peak PB scores and lead to him earning match day dividends in the future.

Breel Embolo

Breel Embolo's price started the season at £0.72. Following 2 goals in his first 3 games, Embolo's price quickly rose to £1.09 and fluctuated throughout the season depending on his form. Embolo's price hit a peak of £1.22 in May during the strong trend towards Bundesliga players, but has since dropped to £1.04 with an instant sell price of £0.79. Embolo hit form with 2 goals and 5 assists in his final 5 Bundesliga starts, but his price has remained fairly stagnant since due to a general lack of demand for Bundesliga players that are no longer in European Tournaments. Embolo will benefit from playing in the Champions League next season and he is also a Switzerland international and so could play at both EURO 2021 and the 2022 World Cup. It is likely that Embolo could currently be purchased at a signficant discount on his current market price and he could be strong value as a longer term hold given his potential to both increase in price due to earning In-Play Dividends and also his potential to occassionally earn match day dividends in the future.

Breel Embolo concludes the FIC 11 and subs bench!

It will be interesting to see how these 18 players get on over the next 12 months and there will be analysis to compare how they have performed against the market and Jadon Sancho in 12 months time.


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