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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

All of the recent EURO 2020 blogs can be found here.

I recommend going back to these blogs throughout the season, especially at times when the trend towards buying EURO 2020 players is strong.

The players in these blogs have been found using the EURO Qualifiers Database and there will be plenty more blogs coming throughout the season focusing on players for EURO 2020.

Below are further key factors which should be considered when purchasing players for the criteria of being quality, young, having potential transfer speculation and playing at EURO 2020.

Key Considerations


You can judge the quality of a player using various methods. Performance Buzz scores are the best way to measure a player's quality from a Football Index perspective. PB scores will be updated after each match day here.

There are also plenty of free resources for you to use for further information on the player, such as Whoscored, TransferMarket and SofaScore.

For further information and data on PB scores, I recommend using Index Edge as the data on PB scores is in a format which makes it very easy to understand and they have millions of data points which can be used to make well informed decisions.

If you would ever like a second opinion on the quality of a player, you can also contact myself by filling out the contact form which is on the site here.


The younger a player on Football Index is, often the better. One of the core reasons for this is that Football Index is likely to grow further as the years go on. This means that if you hold a quality, young player now, the demand for them in 3 years time when you look to sell could be much more than it is now and so you could sell at a higher price. This is further explained here.

Transfer Speculation

In many of the EURO 2020 blogs this week, I have highlighted players that could have transfer speculation and therefore potential to earn MB. Many of these players may never earn MB and may not even secure a transfer. However, the key is the speculation by other traders that because they have the characteristics to earn a transfer, this could also lead to MB. Often this leads to an increase in price, irrespective of the actual chances of the player earning MB.

Speculating what other traders will do next is often the key in making large capital appreciation gains.

Furthermore, if a player from a non-pb league is to transfer to a team in a PB league, this of course makes the player much more valuable as they suddenly have a much greater chance of earning match day dividends.

As discussed a few factors to look out for when searching for players who could have transfer speculation:

  • Currently massively outperforming team mates either in a PB / Non-PB League (Too good for their current club)

  • Currently in a non-pb league performing exceedingly well for that league (Too good for their league)

  • WhoScored ratings / PB scores can help see how well a player is performing

  • Previous / current transfer rumours

  • Contract expiration date (The sooner the better) - TransferMarket can be useful for this


It is worth checking their price graph to see changes in their price over recent weeks / months.

Consider if their price already has all of the positive factors factored into it already, or if they could increase in price further.

Maddison has increased significantly already as he fits this criteria very well

As the criteria of buying these EURO 2020 players is focusing on future positive factors (Transfer, playing at EURO 2020 etc) for the player to increase in price, often they will continue to increase in price up until the positive factor is present.

For example, if a player is gaining a lot of media attention due to a transfer - often it is best to hold right up until the transfer and try and sell just before the deal is secured. This will of course depend on which team the player is transferring to, how much the transfer will influence their chance of earning dividends and how much they have already increased because of the speculation.

If a player is already so expensive that they need to be very regularly earning dividends to hold their very high price (£3.50 +) often it will not be worth buying just for the factors discussed as these positive factors will already be factored in to the very high price.

Exit Strategy

The blogs this week have been focusing on buying players for EURO 2020. However, the question could be asked, what happens to their price after the tournament?

That is why having an exit strategy is so important.

Traders are going to speculate and buy young players for EURO 2020 that could stand out at the tournament and therefore secure a transfer, gain MB and consequently rise massively in price.

The young players who could potentially stand out at EURO 2020, many of which have been discussed this week, are going to increase before the tournament and yet we can not predict which of these players will perform best at the tournament.

Therefore, it may be wise to sell the majority of shares once they have already increased in price before the tournament to take the profit and limit the risk of the price decreasing once EURO 2020 is over.

There is more on when to sell here.


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