EUFA Youth League Player Reviews #8 RB Salzburg U19 V Liverpool U19

Today's game saw Liverpool under 19's make an impressive second half comeback to beat RB Salzburg under 19's 3-2.

The last time that the two teams met, Curtis Jones and Rhian Brewster helped Liverpool under 19's to a 4-2 win, but, were both absent for this one. Curtis Jones who has been positively highlighted in more blogs than any other player has now increased over 62.5% since first being highlighted in an EUFA Youth League Player Review blog.

As explained in the Temporary Price Rises blog, English youth player's price graphs often follow similar cycles and it can usually be best to sell when the excitement and attention around the player is at it's peak, unless looking to hold long term. This can often be after a few strong performances in the first team. Although, Curtis Jones recently came off the bench to make his Premier League debut - it does not appear his price is at a temporary peak just yet.

Harvey Elliott and Ki-Jana Hoever are the only two players that are currently on Football Index which featured in this game today.

Final Score: Salzburg Under 19's 2-3 Liverpool Under 19's

1. Harvey Elliott

Team: Liverpool

Price: £2.01

Harvey Elliott
  • Very strong dribbles

  • Got into a few positions to cross it in and some crosses were okay, but, no stand out key crosses leading to good opportunities

  • Very good ball control - his touch was very good

  • Very good flicked passes - often chipped it over a player neatly to a team mate

  • Not particularly fast

  • Clever inside passes through opposition players

  • Great run into the box and touch - possibly fouled, but, no penalty

  • Harvey Elliot took the penalty that Liverpool did win– very good penalty with pace and into the bottom left corner.

  • Immediately after the penalty, Elliott tried to get the ball, but, the RB Salzburg under 19's goalkeeper held onto it so he needlessly pushed the goalkeeper over resulting in a yellow card

  • Good at creating shooting opportunities, but, his shooting is quite tame

Elliott was arguably Liverpool's best attacking player in this game and his ball control, dribbling and vision was again quality making him stand out. He lacks pace and his finishing was not brilliant. He was able to create opportunities for himself, but, a couple of times his shots were fairly weak and the goalkeeper was able to save. At the very young age of 16, he is likely improve in these areas and so given his quality touch, control and vision - he looks like a very promising talent.

Overall, as his end product is not quite there yet and at £2.01 he is very expensive, I still would not necessarily advise buying Elliott just yet at his current price.

Again, it is worth pointing out that by the time the 3 year share period is up, Elliott will still only be 19 and given the growth in Football Index - this could result in Elliott being worth considerably more and so the potential upside is certainly massive.

2. Ki-Jana Hoever

Team: Liverpool

Price: £1.04

Ki-Jana Hoever
  • Some neat passes

  • Confident on the ball

  • Silly foul by clipping the legs of an RB Salzburg under 19's forward when the forward was running towards the goal after a ball from over the top. This led to a yellow card – the foul did not necessarily need to be made.

  • Plenty of long balls - some were inaccurate

  • Good interception – can read the game well

  • Good run in the second half

Ki-Jana Hoever does not appear to have particularly progressed since the game he played in the FA Cup last season or in the games for Liverpool Under 19's in the EUFA Youth League this season.

Up against high pressure from a very promising RB Salzburg under 19's attack, Liverpool under 19's defence were always going to be caused problems and for most of the game, they managed to limit RB Salzburg under 19's to mostly taking long shots. Hoever did play some neat and tidy passes and made one good run second half, but, he also gave the ball away on a number of occasions and conceded a foul leading to a yellow card.

Overall, Ki-Jana Hoever is still very young at the age of 17 and his price is lower than most players on Football Index around his age. However, it appears unlikely that he will break into Liverpool's first team in the short term and as a defender his price ceiling and the excitement around him is likely to be limited in the short term. Therefore, I would not necessarily advise buying Hoever for now.


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