EUFA Youth League Player Review #3 Lille U19 V Chelsea U19

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Curtis Jones and Gianluca Gaetano have both increased more than 25% since being positively reviewed in my first EUFA Youth League Player review blog two week ago. This shows there is demand from the market for players that perform well in the EUFA Youth League and have not peaked in price yet.

Billy Gilmour was the only player on Football Index to feature in the game between Lille Under 19's and Chelsea Under 19's with George McEachran pulling out of the game in the warm up.

Final Score: Lille Under 19's 2-0 Chelsea Under 19's

Billy Gilmour

Football Index Youth Player Review

Billy Gilmour

Team: Chelsea

Current Price: £2.13


  • Very good long range passing - switched the ball several times

  • Took most free kicks

  • Good vision

  • Good decision making

  • Needed to dribble with the ball faster at times to avoid losing possession

  • Could have tried to take more shots

Overall, I do not think Billy Gilmour stands out as particularly good value at his current price based on this performance.

I first tipped Gilmour at 60p on Facebook only 6 months ago and his price has more than tripled since.

However, he did not impress me in this game any more than he did in the games I watched him 6 months ago and actually looked less of an attacking threat. This may have been as Lille were a very physically strong team and made it hard for Chelsea to play.

I would not be surprised to see his price rise further as he clearly is a quality youth talent, however, given his sharp rise in price over the last 6 months, I think there could be better opportunities in cheaper youth players.


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