Buying Out of Favour Players

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

This week we have seen some enormous rises in players who have recently been struggling to get regular game time.

Yann Karamoh rose over 30% in 24 hours from 53p to 69p by performing well in his first game of the season scoring and providing an assist. Christian Pulisic rose over 38% from £2.09 to £2.89 this week having performed well in his substitute appearance against Ajax and then going on to score a hat-trick against Burnley, and Florian Thauvin increased over 22% this week rising from £2.13 to £2.42 without even kicking a ball.

Christian Pulisic scored a hat-trick in his first Premier League start since August 2019

When players are not playing regularly, but, take the opportunity they are given by putting in a quality performance - they often increase massive amounts as the speculation of future regular performances attracts the demand of traders who can see the possibility of a player having a largely improved chance of earning future dividends.

Often players do not even need to get any game time to increase in price when returning from injury.

It is important to note the extent to which a player will increase will depend on many characteristics of the player. The below positive characteristics are likely to enhance the increase an out of favour player will rise by when they put in a strong performance after not playing regularly:

  • Attacking style of play

  • Capable of goals / assists

  • Capable of hitting very high peak PB scores

  • Potential Media pull

  • Young

  • Playing in Champions League / Europa League

  • Playing at EURO 2020

Teji Savanier is another great example of a player who recently rose an enormous amount when returning from his knee injury. Savanier's PB score of 81 in his first game of the season (Since the PB matrix had changed) in just 26 minutes in a 1-0 defeat to Stade De Reims led to an increase from £2.13 to £2.76 in just one week as speculation built up on what PB scores he could post.

Teji Savanier's price has risen from £1.09 to a peak of £2.76 over the last 3 months as speculation of his PB scores under the new PB matrix and in a new team rose given his strong PB scores last season

*Savanier's price did drop after his PB score did not live up to the high standards of many traders - this is also because his price is only built up on the first 3 above positive characteristics

With this being said, it is clear to see the potential profits that can be made from buying out of favour players and so I will be posting plenty of other players who are either; returning from injury, currently lacking regular game time and have the potential to increase in price considerably given their strong potential of earning future dividends if played regularly.

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