Bonus Strategies

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Option 1 - Take profit from making net buys

The obvious method of profiting from the current bonus period is to make a high amount of net buys and take the 10% bonus.

Who to buy?

I would advise buying players which could rise further once the bonus period has ended for various reasons. Aside from the obvious reasons such as strong performances / high PB scores, below are some reasons players could rise over the next 3 months:

  • Likely to earn MB (Opens up to squad players in October)

  • Transfer Speculation

  • Will be playing in EURO 2020

  • Will be playing in later stages of Europa League / Champions League

  • Attacking players


  • Be careful buying players who have risen considerably since the bonus was announced

  • Consider when you will sell

  • Consider spread if you intend to sell once the bonus period is over

Option 2 - Sell at higher prices whilst the bonus period runs

If you do not want to make further deposits and are unlikely to make a considerable amount of net buys - you can use the bonus as a great opportunity to sell players.

Demand is very high for players whilst the bonus period runs and so it can be a great opportunity to market sell players which you no longer see as good value at their current price.

For example, if you hold a player that you have already made a considerable profit on and think your funds could be used better elsewhere, it can be wise to sell now whilst the bonus runs. You can then use the funds to buy different players which you think have more potential for growth.

If you do consider option 2 and want to know who to buy next, I will be posting a blog next week highlighting players which have stood out so far this season which could attract bigger clubs and lead to transfer speculation.

Other Options

  • Sell now and use funds to buy and benefit from the 5% bonus

  • Buy low risk players with a very small spread and sell straight away once the bonus is over to benefit from the 10% bonus

  • Continue to trade as normal knowing your shares are likely to rise in the long term


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