Birthday Bonus - who to buy?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Today it was announced that Football Index will be running another cash bonus! There's plenty of time to take advantage of the bonus period and you can opt in and find further details on this bonus here.

As you can see plenty of players have increased massive amounts already today. I would recommend avoiding players that have already increased massive amounts since the bonus was announced. Often these prices are inflated because of the bonus and often will drop slightly, or at least not rise further, once the bonus period ends.

Therefore, what I would recommend is having a look at players who are likely to rise anyway, regardless of the bonus period, as if they are currently good value they will continue to rise and you will ultimately have made an extra 10% profit from buying the player.

As mentioned in previous blogs, there is a lot of demand for players which are performing well and fit the following criteria:

  • Attacking Players

  • Likely to be playing in EURO 2020

  • Currently playing in Europa League / Champions League

  • Potential Transfer Speculation

To help find players who could fit this criteria, I have created a EURO Qualifiers Database which includes all players which have been in their national side's matches for the EURO Qualifiers.

I have added all players that are currently under £1. Over the last month the following players which were added to the EURO Qualifiers database have increased considerable amounts to take their prices above £1.

Lorenzo Pellegrini from £0.87 to £1.40

Dries Mertens from £0.93 to £1.23

Ciro Immobile from £0.90 to £1.22

Marco Veratti from £0.98 to £1.18

Emerson from £0.96 to £1.13

Elif Elmas from £0.91 to £1.11

Kasper Dolberg from £0.94 to £1.11

Ianis Hagi from £0.99 to £1.06

Viktor Tsygankov from £0.83 to £1.03

*Immobile, Verratti, Elmas, Hagi and Tsygankov have all been mentioned in previous blogs at lower prices than they are now.

All of the above players either start for a very strong national side whilst also playing for a team in a European Tournament (Champions League / Europa League) or are under 22.

Below are further players that I have found using the EURO Qualifiers Database. These players are all either midfielders / forwards that will most likely be playing at EURO 2020, play in a European Tournament (Champions League / Europa League) and could currently be good value.

Players in the Champions League / Europa League and will most likely play at EURO 2020

1. Piotr Zielinksi

Age: 25

Price: £0.82

Team: Napoli

Position: Midfielder

Country: Poland


  • Consistently strong PB scores

  • Strong chance of making the next round of the Champions League

  • Poland currently top of EURO Qualifying Group


  • Needs to improve max PB score

Rodrigo Moreno

2. Rodrigo Moreno

Age: 28

Price: £0.89

Team: Valencia

Position: Forward

Country: Spain


  • Spain are currently top of their EURO qualifying group

  • Champions League

  • Potential G&A

  • 3 goals in 5 for Spain in Euro Qualifiers


  • Has not scored in first 5 games for Valencia

Denis Zakaria

3. Denis Zakaria

Age: 22

Price: £0.66

Team: Borussia Monchengladbach

Position: Midfield

Country: Switzerland


  • Hit a 294 this month for Switzerland

  • Strong chance of making the next round of the Europa League

  • Relatively young


  • Increased considerably already this month

Julian Draxler

4. Julian Draxler

Age: 26

Price: £0.79

Team: PSG

Position: Midfield

Country: Germany


  • Hit 2 high PB scores last year - 213, 219

  • Plays for a high PB scoring team

  • 2 assists in 2 EURO Qualifiers for Germany

  • Massive potential to win PB if he got fit and secured his place in the PSG team


  • Hard to compete for PB in PSG team

  • Hard to get into PSG team

  • Currently injured


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