August 2019 PB Scores Key Players

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Player's who have hit high PB scores have had enormous increases price in August. I have gone through all of the PB scores to try and find player's that have hit some good PB scores already, but, have not risen in price too much, yet.

*PB Scores found using data taken from Index Edge

Marco Verratti

1. Marco Verratti

Price: £1.10

Team: PSG

Age: 26

Position: Midfield

PB Scores: 197, 190, 181, 118

Goals: 0

Assists: 1


  • Very High PB scores, especially without scoring.

  • Italy International.


  • Needs to score / assist more often to compete with other high PB scoring PSG Midfielders.

Index Edge data tells us that Anderson is capable of hitting very high PB scores

2. Felipe Anderson

Price: £1.44

Team: West Ham United

Age: 26

Position: Midfield

PB Scores: 176, 170, -4

Goals: 0 Assists: 1


  • Aside from his PB in the 5-0 thumping from Manchester City, he has hit two high PB scores without scoring yet, and he is a player who is likely to contribute with goals and assists for West Ham.

  • Attacking midfielder in the Premier League - has an outside chance of MB from a strong performance


  • Limited to Premier League games as he is Brazilian (Won't play in Euro 2020) and West Ham are not in a European Tournament

Makengo scoring from outside of the box for Toulouse

3. Jean-Victor Makengo

Price: £0.62

Team: Toulouse

Age: 21

Position: Midfield

PB Scores: 177, 154, 65, -2

Goals: 2

Assists: 0


  • Young

  • Two goals in 4 games

  • Relatively cheap for his age considering the start he has had made for Toulouse.

  • Potential - on loan from Nice who do score highly for PB.


  • Toulouse do not score highly on PB and considering his PB has been influenced by his goals, Makengo has not scored considerably high PB scores either.

  • Will likely need 2 goals in one game to compete for PB.

Alassane Plea

4. Alassane Plea

Price: £1.07

Team: Borussia Monchengladbach

Age: 26

Position: Forward

PB Scores: 195, 72, 11

Goals: 1

Assists: 1


  • Has already hit an impressive PB score of 195 this season

  • Having watched Monchengladbach twice this season, I can see their fast counter attacking football leading to many Plea goals / assists.

  • Monchengladbach have a strong chance of getting through to the next round of the Europa League with 2 relatively easy teams to beat in their group.

  • A very good season could lead to Plea making the France Euro 2020 side.


  • Has already increased in price significantly this month


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