How to use Football Index Club

There are many resources you can use on Football Index Club so you can continue to maximise your trading returns! Below are explanations of how you can use these resources to make incredible, market-beating returns on Football Index.

The Premium Members Advice section is full of useful trading advice. Read blogs on topics such as when to sell, how to profit from market trends, speculative trading, managing risk, temporary price rises and much more.

This is also where you will find all highlighted players which often increase in price in the weeks that follow, often due to suiting market trends.

Check out the video below for further information on the Premium Members Advice section.

The highlighted players table consists of every player which has previously been highlighted in a Football Index Club blog post. 

You can sort this table to find the most recently highlighted players using the 'Date' button and you can also use the Price Difference button to see which players have increased the most / least since originally being highlighted.

Check out the video below for further information on the Highlighted Players Table:

The Custom Youth Database has been built to help you find value in younger players based on a range of key player characteristics. 

Filtering this database can be very useful to find young players suiting market trends and the net score system can be sorted to find quality, young players.

Check out the video below for further information on the Custom Youth Database

The Youth Player Dashboard is brought to us by Index Edge. 

You can use this dashboard to filter by every player under 21 on Football Index by price, age, average match day scores, peak match day scores all within different time frames.

You can also sort the youth player dashboard by various player characteristics such as: Shots, key passes, dribbles completed etc to find young players who could be well suited to the PB matrix.

The Fixtures Dashboard has been brought to us by Index Edge and is a very useful tool for fixture planning. 

You can sort the dashboard to view fixtures within a date range of your choice,view which teams have the most fixtures within your date range view which teams have the best upcoming fixtures as the dashboard is sorted by average fixture difficulty based on the opponents average match day scores taking home and away games into account. 

You can also view player's PB scores and their form to find value players for the relevant fixtures! 

Check out the video showing an example of how you can filter the fixture dashboard below.

The Market Trends section provides you with a brief update on what is happening in the market as well as being a great resource to stay on top of the market by anticipating upcoming market trends.

You can use the calendar and market trends table to see what future events could lead to a market trend in the future and to see which players are currently increasing / decreasing in price.

Check out the video below for further information on the Market Trends Section

The player reviews database can be very useful in providing you with a second opinion on a player. You will find over 200 player reviews full of useful information including pros, cons, PB scores and an overall review of the player summarizing the ky reasons why they could increase or decrease in price.

Gaining well-researched, personalised feedback on players of your choice can help you confirm your own ideas on a player and provide you with extra insight which could have been missed.

Check out the video below for further information on the Player Review Database

If you have any additional questions on how to make the most of the resources on Football Index Club please do contact us!

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