Frequently Asked Questions

What is Football Index Club?

Football Index Club is a membership site where Football Index traders can use plenty of resources to direct their research and use a plethora of blogs to improve their trading strategy and maximise returns on Football Index

What benefits do I receive as a Premium Member?

As a Premium Member, you will have access to databases which can be used to help identify value players, reviews on players of your choice and a fixtures dashboard. You will also have access to over 100 blogs providing you with advice, regular strategy updates and you will save hours of time researching with information on value players highlighted throughout blogs. You can view all of the benefits here

Where on the site are the highlighted players?

Value players are highlighted throughout blogs with the pros and cons highlighted to help you make a better informed decision on each player highlighted on the site. Blogs can be found here and the full list of all of the players highlighted on the site in previous months including price differences since can be found here.

How often are players highlighted?

Blogs which highlight value players will be posted on the site around once a week. I tend to spend 8-10 hours a day working on the site, watching movements in the market, researching value players, updating databases, completing player reviews and watching games. Only when I am confident enough from this research that I have a list of players which are likely to increase in price will players be highlighted. 

What are the results of the players you have highlighted?

As I find the best way to trade is to buy and sell fairly regularly, I focus on the price increases of players highlighted on the site 30 days after the player has been highlighted. Often players will hit much higher peak prices within this 30 day window. The results have been outstandingly good and details can be found here. Past data does not always reflect the story of the future, but as I continue to learn and develop - I am confident the results will continue to be very strong.

What ROI can Premium Members make using the site?

Whilst trading very regularly myself I made a 300% ROI in just 12 months between Sep 18 - Sep 19 turning £2,000 into £8,000. I was very pleased with this result and started to work on FIC. I think the return that members make will depend on how much of the content from the blogs they decide to apply to their own trading and strategy. Many members are already making insane returns and have a membership to save them time in researching players or to help further. FIC is here to guide traders to improve their returns dramatically, but this will, of course, depend on how a member decides to use the content. 

Do you highlight players that you hold?

The honest answer is sometimes. I would never feel comfortable highlighting players just for my own personal gain so players that I hold which I also highlight on the site are players which I am very confident will increase in price long term given a lot of research. One example is Curtis Jones who I held and highlighted from £1.12 and several times more when he was still under £1.50 because I had watched a lot of him in EUFA Youth League games and he really stood out for a number of reasons.

I do not hold the majority of players highlighted on the site and the fantastic results show how highlighted players tend to continue to increase over time. For example, by January 2020, players highlighted in September 2019 had increased an average of 42%. Those in the FI community, on Twitter and in the Football Index Value Players Facebook group that I run, whom I have spoken to a lot and helped will know I would never do anything that could potentially tarnish my reputation as a fair, balanced trader. I hate those who just 'pump' players for their own temporary gain more than anything and I would never feel right doing the same and ultimately Football Index Club wouldn't last long either.

How many players are highlighted in each blog?

I usually highlight between 6-12 players per blog depending on how many players I have come across from my research that I am very confident will increase in price in the short term. Most blogs include 8 potentially valuable players. About 1/3 of blogs do not include any players as they focus on general trading advice/strategy instead.

How many blogs are posted each month?

There are now well over 100 blogs to read through and the majority of general advice blogs on topics such as selling, market trends, timing and more are still very relevant today and well worth reading! I now write around 4-8 blogs per months as well as updating various areas of the site daily.

How often is site content updated?

I tend to around 8-10 hours a day working on the site, watching movements in the market, researching value players, watching games, updating databases and writing player reviews. Therefore, there will be updates to the site every day. If you have any ideas on how I can improve the site further please do get in touch so I can do my best to help.

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