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Tammy Abraham is a center forward for Chelsea. Although, somewhat overlooked , Abraham had quite an exceptional first Premier League season with Chelsea scoring 15 goals in 34 Premier League goals. Abraham is only 22 years old and already has an incredible 78 career goals. What makes Abraham so dangerous is his strong attacking awareness, clinical finishing ability and most importantly his quick reactions. Many of Abraham's goals last season came from him simply reacting much quicker than opponent defenders and these instincts are likely to lead to him scoring plenty of goals in the future. Despite being a young, English, promising forward at a strong side - Abraham currently appears unlikely to earn dividends often in the future. The combination of Abraham failing to suit the PB matrix and also Werner's arrival will make it difficult for him to earn matchday dividends in the upcoming season. During the 2019-2020 season, Abraham only averaged 16.4 passes, 0.42 attempted crosses and 1.35 attempted dribles per 90. Furthermore, Abraham's defensive contribution is relatively poor even for a forward - averaging only 0.39 tackles and 0.23 interceptions per 90. The only statistic that Abraham does rank highly in is shooting, averaging 3.56 shots per 90 hitting 44.4% of his shots on target. Abraham's poor PB potential was highlighted in particular last season when he scored a hat-trick including the GWG but still only managed a PB score of 193. Overall, Abraham may struggle for game time and may be limited to only earning In-Play Dividends in the short term. Longer term, Abraham may have a chance of earning media dividends and if he can play regularly he may have a better chance of earning matchday dividends by scoring braces and hat-tricks.

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Tammy Abraham's price started the 2019-2020 season at £2.18. As Abraham proved himself in the Premier League with 7 goals in 3 consescutive games, Abraham's price rose dramatically up to a peak of £3.71 by early October 2019. In this time, Abraham showed very little potential to earn matchday dividends and so when the dividend increase came along in late October, Abraham's price started to decline. Since then, Abraham's price has continued to drop and upon the introduction of order books, Abaraham's price dropped dramatically from £2.49 down to a low of £1.20. Abraham currently has a market price of £1.54 with an instant sell price of £1.13. Abraham earned £0.16 in media dividends last season and with the Euros and the World Cup coming up for England over the upcoming summers, Abraham could possibly earn more media dividends in the future as he is a strong back-up striker to Harry Kane. Overall, Abraham may struggle for game time this season and so may drop in price even further but overall with him currently being out of favour and this being reflected in his price - he does appear a fairly valuable longer term hold.

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