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Sandro Tonali is a central midfielder for Brescia. Tonali has had a very strong season for Bresica in Serie A and has earned a call up to the Italy national side where he may feature at EURO 2021. Tonali has excellent vision, strong reading of the game and he can often use his strength to shield the ball before finding a pass. Tonali takes Brescia's set-pieces and average 5.25 crosses per 90 with a 38.6% success rate. Tonali also averages 2.11 key passes per 90, but he has failed to hit a particularly high peak PB score yet because whilst playing at Brescia he rarely earns win bonus points and he only averages 29.6 passes per 90. Brescia only averaged 42.5% possession per game last season which was lower than any other Serie A side and it is likely when Tonali moves in the future, he would complete more passes and his PB scores will improve. Tonali has shown some PB potential as he did hit a 177 in a 1-0 loss to AC Milan earlier in the season which is a fairly high PB score given the result. Overall, Tonali' PB average and base PB scores are likely to improve in the future and with 6 assists last season, Tonali certainly has the potential to create goals for teammates. However, Tonali may need to add more goals to his game to hit the high peak PB scores needed to earn match day dividends in the future. Tonali's potential to earn media dividends may depend upon if further transfer links to the Premier League emerge or not.

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Sandro Tonali's price started the 2019-2020 season at £1.32. Tonali's price gradually grew throughout the season and hit a peak price of £3.00 in May 2020. Since the introduction of the Matching Engine, Tonali's price has dropped and currently sits at £2.71 with a wide spread. Tonali currently has an instant sell price of £2.38 and his spread has become considerably tighter in recent weeks. Tonali has not proven himself to be a dividend winner yet and his peak PB score is fairly low. However, it is likely his chances of earning dividends will improve dramatically in the future. Inter Milan, Milan and Manchester United are all reportedly interested in Tonali and if he moves to any of these sides - he will have a much better chance of earning matchday dividends in the future.. However, Tonali's price had partly risen due to the speculation of a Premier League move and so his price may not increase so much if he does move to a Serie A side. Tonali's longer term prospects look very bright, but due to his lack of high peak PB scores - his price may rise as much as some other, more attacking young talents.Overall, Tonali could be a strong long term hold, especially if bought within his wide spread.

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