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Rodrigo De Paul is a winger for Udinese. De Paul is also an Argentina International and is a standout performer for Udinese with high PB scores coming from his creativity from midfield and contribution towards goals. De Paul averages a high 2.4 key passes and 6.7 crosses per 90 minutes, but has only provided 2 assists this season, in a stronger side it is likely his creativity would lead to more assists, especially if he could remain on set-pieces. De Paul is also strong at dribbling and likes to shoot often, completing 2.2 successful dribbles and 2.5 shots per 90 minutes. Overall, De Paul's style of play suits the PB matrix very well demonstrated by him hitting high PB scores on a number of occassions already this season, however, he is held back by playing for a relatively weak side whose forwards rarely convert the chances he creates.

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De Paul's price started the season at around £1.50 and has fluctuated throughout the season. The trajectory of De Paul's price has generally been upwards and at £2.16, De Paul's price is currently at a peak. Serie A returns later this month and Udinese's first 6 fixtures are generally very favourable. First they face Torino who had fallen apart prior to the break in football, losing their last 6 games. Next they face Atalanta and Roma which of course are difficult games, but following these fixtures they face Genoa, SPAL and Sampdoria (3 of the bottom 5). In the short term, these favourable fixtures could make De Paul a very strong hold as De Paul tends to flourish against weaker opposition demonstrated by his 3 highest PB scores this season coming against teams in the bottom four of Serie A. As Udinese also have financial difficulties, it appears fairly likely De Paul will be sold this summer and so if De Paul does hit very high PB scores towards the end of the season, the momentum from transfer links also emerging could lead to De Paul rising in price over the upcoming months.

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TM 98 /FIC

24 years ago

Udinese's direction has said 'Mandragora is sought after by many big clubs, De Paul is a champion in every sense of the term and Fofana could leave too. We’ll respond by investing more in players coming in from overseas, because the Italian wages are too high.”

TM98 / FIC

25 years ago

Great research Pj, saw a bit of talk about RDP on the Twitter TL today and I think I agree that his PB scores could go either way at a stronger side depending on what set-pieces he's on etc. But either way I think any transfer speculation is likely to lead to a rise in price. I wish I had have bought into this one myself the other week when I made the review.


26 years ago

Just been looking at the remaining seria a fixtures and udenese still have to play 4 out of the bottom 5 teams in the league which bodes well. Inter probably have the easiest on paper.

TM98 / FIC

26 years ago

Love it! Great timing


26 years ago

This has aged well 🥳. Great stat. I topped up this morning hoping this would happen.

TM98 / FIC

26 years ago

Rodrigo De Paul is flying up in price today! I noticed yesterday he is one of only 6 players to have hit 3 PB scores over 200 playing for a team in the bottom half of the league.


26 years ago

I've also bought into him as of yesterday. All aboard the RDP train - next stop Milan ;)


26 years ago

Excellent sounds great.


26 years ago

Yes his high PB scores really stood out when making this profile and with the possibility of a future transfer too - he could be a good hold. Yes can't wait for football to be back!! Some huge updates to this part of the site coming very soon too with a more advanced ratings system based on many characteristics! Hopefully will help us find some gems before football is back


26 years ago

I bought into RDP last week as he kept standing out in the data I was looking at. Great rating on here too which is reassuring. Hoping he will make match days fun as he seems to be competing regularly for pb divs. We just need the footy back soon!


26 years ago

Good comment JG, I agree. PB scores have been huge, a lot of potential! Looks a good PB hold and at Udinese, a transfer does seem very possible. Interesting to see what would happen with set-pieces at a stronger side, that would depend on where he went and various other factors - but you would certainly expect PB to improve overall at a stronger team and possible European Tournament involvement.


27 years ago

If he gets a move to a bigger team whilst getting as much game time as he does at Udinese then he could potentially become a PB favourite for the next few years. Both Milan clubs have been linked - apparently the asking price is €35m which doesn't seem unreasonable.

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