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Manchester United

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223, 168, 166, 166, 144

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Paul Pogba is a central midfielder for Manchester United. Pogba was sidelined with ankle injuries for the majority of last season, but he still managed to return a total of £1.86 in media dividends. With double dividends, media madness and the increased transfer speculation towards the end of last season, 60% of the media dividends that Pogba returned last season came between just March 2020 and May 2020. Pogba is out of contract in June 2022 and there is a reasonably strong chance that Pogba will leave Manchester United. Pogba is fairly well suited to the PB matrix averaging 64 passes per game and in the 2018/2019 season he did provide a total of 22 goal contributions. However, in Pogba's last 35 games he has only provided 6 goal contributions. Part of the reason for Pogba's lower goal contribution is that he no longer takes penalties. Furthermore, he has been playing in a deeper role since Fernandes' arrival. Overall, Pogba has historically been one of the best dividend earners on the platform, but Fernandes' arrival at Manchester United has reducred his match day and media dividend winning potential.

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Paul Pogba's price hit a peak of £8.36 in March 2020 as transfer speculation increased and Pogba consistently earned media dividends. However, Pogba has only played two full 90 minute games so far this season for Manchester United and Bruno Fernandes continues to take both penalties and most of the media attention. Therefore, Pogba's price has declined an enormous amount over the last 8 months and currently sits at a market price of £2.47 with an instant sell price of £2.17. Pogba can currently be purchased for around £2.20 via the current Order Book system and at such a low price, Pogba could be great value given his media dividend potential. Pogba will also benefit from playing for France at the EURO's and at the 2022 World Cup. Given Pogba's past dividend returns, the potential for a future transfer and his potential to earn dividends as a strong player in he France international side - Pogba has a fair chance of returning over £2.20 in dividends and therefore does appear a strong hold.

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TM98 / FIC

21 years ago

Thanks a lot! At the moment, it is just at the request of members. The aim longer term is to have all relevant player's full review on the database and to then start to update it regularly but the site is still quite some months away from that being possible due to the time it takes to complete the reviews as you say, I will update all of the FICRs and POTRs at the end of the season too and hopefully get a blog out explaining it all further, thanks for your questions!


21 years ago

OK, I get that thanks. Out of interest how often do you update players Reviews, FICRs and POTRs? I appreciate that this would be very time consuming. Or is this done at the request of members? Like your Podcasts btw. Keep it up.

TM98 / FIC

21 years ago

Due to Pogba's game time, low PB score and IPD ratings combined with his high price, his FIC rating comes out very low. He has full marks on MB, but the rating system is more weighted towards PB than MB. I would give him a much higher rating if I just made the rating up completely, but due to his injury this season his current rating comes out low.

With a few games under his belt towards the end of the season, his FIC rating will increase a massive amount and this is why his POTR is much higher.

The aim of the FIC ratings is to try and assess the players on many attributes including price/age fairly but I think due to Pogba's MB returns and lack of PB returns this season, his rating is a bit of an anomaly. Always happy to take ideas on board about the rating system though as it just to try and help members!


21 years ago

Is the 2 and 7 the wrong way round in his current rating?

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