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285, 242, 194, 175, 136

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Nicolo Zaniolo is an attacking midfielder for Roma. Zaniolo showed a lot of PB potential earlier in the season with a PB score of 285 against Armenia and a PB score of 242 against Istanbul Başakşehir. In both games, Zaniolo provided a total of 3 goal contributions and it is likely Zaniolo will be able to hit high peak PB scores again in the future due to his quality, attacking ability. Zaniolo is very strong at taking on defenders in 1 V 1's with his unpredictability and intelligent changes of direction. Zaniolo successfully completes a very high 67.9% of his 5.3 dribbles attempted per 90 and what stands out about Zaniolo the most is his ability to complete his exciting dribbles with cool finishes. Zaniolo hits a respectable 44.6% of his shots on target, but there is still plenty of room for Zaniolo's end product to improve. Zaniolo has excellent vision and is creative in attack, but only 15.6% of his crosses have been successful this season and he only averages 19 passes per 90. Such low passing/crossing statistics can partly be explained by a lack of game time which may have led to him failing to settle in games, it is also due to him often preferring to be more direct in his attack by choosing to dribble instead of choosing a more simple option. Overall, Zaniolo has shown his ability to hit high peak PB scores and he has the underlying player characteristics to suit the PB matrix well in the future. To improve further, Zaniolo will need to improve the quantity of his passes/crosses that he completes in games.

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Nicolo Zaniolo's price started the season at £1.72. Zaniolo's price had grown to £2.41 by early January, but then dropped to a low of £2.12 due to suffering a cruciate ligament rupture. Zaniolo's price grew considerably in anticipation for his return from injury and hit a peak of £2.96 in early June. Since returning from injury, Zaniolo has failed to play full games, but has once again shown his quality with two very impressive goals. Zaniolo has been eased back into the first team with substitute appearances, but given his ability he is likely to play more full games again in the near future. Despite recently scoring an exceptional goal, Zaniolo's price has recently dropped slightly, down to £2.80. Zaniolo's recent drop shows the lack of demand for players on Football Index in general rather than a lack of interest in Zaniolo in particular. If he had have scored the same goal whilst there was a lot of momentum in the market, it is likely his price would have increased considerably recently. Zaniolo will also benefit from Roma playing in the later stages of the Europa League and he could possibly earn media dividends over summer if transfer links develop further. Overall, Zaniolo has a huge price ceiling given his potential to hit high peak PB scores and so could be a strong long term hold.

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24 years ago

He was top of my Seria a buy list even before I saw Romas finance struggles. Decided to get some this today earlier than I was planning. Good shout on klivert and under hadn't thought about them.


24 years ago

Very interesting PJ, thanks for the comment! I already thought Zaniolo looked a really attractive hold given his potential and the fact he’s already shown a lot of PB potential. A move to Liverpool would surely lead to 🚀 Similar with Pellegrini, I think this could also be good news for Under & Kluivert too if they end up getting more game time perhaps? Although, maybe Roma’s players will not do so well if they end up a much worse team next season due to leaving players.


24 years ago

Roma have posted a 200 million loss and rumours are they will likely sell Zaniolo and Pellegrini. I have seen 3 Italian papers linking Zaniolo to Liverpool today. Not sure many teams will be spending big this summer but feels like there are going to be a lot of clubs in Romas position

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