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364, 204, 180, 146, 126

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Munir El Haddadi is a winger for Sevilla. El Haddadi has struggled for regular game time this season, but has shown very strong PB potential this season, evident in his high peak PB score of 364 from when he scored a hat-trick against Dudelange in the Europa League. El Haddadi is strong at dribbling and often creates space to shoot for himself, averaging a very high 3.72 shots per 90. El Haddadi's high frequency of shots can occassionally lead to high peak PB scores when he is able to finish his chances. However, El Haddadi only hits 46% of his shots on target and so will certainly need to improve in this area further to hit high peak PB scores more regularly in the future. El Haddadi has scored once every 157 minutes so far this season and could earn match day dividends more often if he was able to secure regular game time. Overall, El Haddadi is a player who has been hyped to become a quality talent for many years since developing through Barcelona's academy and although he has failed to gain regular minutes, his goal scoring stats have been strong over the last 3 seasons. Despite now being 24 years old, El Haddadi still appears to be far from the finished product and could improve to become a much stronger, consistent player if he was to secure a regular spot in the Sevilla side.

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Munir El Haddadi's price started the season at £0.72. El Haddadi's price grew considerably following his high PB score against Dudelange in the Europa League and went on to rise fruther up to £1.40 by January. Due to failing to play regularly and Suso's arrival in January, El Haddadi's price then sank to £0.95 during the Covid dip. Since the return of La Liga, El Haddadi has performed well with two goals and an assist in his last 5 games. El Haddadi currently has a market price of £1.14 and an instant sell price of £0.97. El Haddadi could rise in price following the dividend increase due to Sevilla playing in the Europa League. Overall, El Haddadi's potential to improve and play more frequently in the future could result in him occassionally earning match day dividends and so he could be strong value at his current price. Due to El Haddadi's spread, he may be worth buying via a matched bid to purchase him at a discount on his market price. El Haddadi's price may remain relatively stagnant during periods where he fails to play regularly.

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Postman pat

20 years ago

Thanks tom, great analysis on haddadi, definitely shown signs of improvement in his game, starting to pick up regular game time and reaching higher PB scores when he plays, still young aswell,......thanks as always mate!

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