Milot Rashica

SV Werder Bremen

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232, 204, 175, 142, 127

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Player Review

Milot Rashica is a winger for Werder Bremen. Rashica had a strong 2019-2020 season, scoring 8 goals and providing 7 assists in only 28 games. Rashica is particularly strong at shooting and dribbling. Rashica is clinical when one-on-one with the goalkeeper and has also shown on many occassion his ability to score from outside of the box. Rashica is very strong at dribbling, successfully completing 54.5% of his attempted 3.91 attempted dribbles per 90. Rashica attempts a very high 5.3 crosses per 90, but is only successful 21.7% of the time. Rashica only makes 22 accurate passes per 90 and needs to improve in his passing and crossing to hit higher PB scores in the future. Rashica's PB scores are mostly let down by him playing for a fairly weak side, but he does have the underlying player characteristics to suit the PB matrix well. This is shown by how in each of the two games that Rashica scored in when Werder Bremen also won, he hit a PB score of 200+. At a stronger, more dominant side, it is likely Rashica would compete for match day dividends more often by hitting higher PB scores. In the short term, Rashica appears most likely to remain at Werder Bremen or move to Aston Villa and so his chances of earning dividends may not improve considerably if the side he plays for in the upcoming season rarely wins.

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Price Analysis

Milot Rashica's price started the 2019-2020 season at £1.43. Rashica's price rose considerably last season due to strong performances for Werder Bremen. Rashica was linked to Liverpool in April and rose to a temporary peak price of £2.40. Interest from Liverpool has since cooled off and his price has dropped since. Rashica's decline since the introduction of order books has been quite extreme with his market price dropping all the way down to a current market price of £1.15 and he has an instant sell price of £0.97. Even at Werder Bremen or Aston Villa (Two relatively weak PB sides) he appears strong value given his potential to earn dividends on occassion. Furthermore, Rashica is still only 24 and is likely to improve even further over the upcoming seasons which could lead to a transfer to a better side where his chances of earning dividends could significantly improve. Rashica appears most likely to stay at Werder Bremen but now that this has already hugely impacted his price, the upside appears greater than the potential downside and Rashica appears a fairly valuable hold. In the short term, Rashica may struggle for regular minutes due to returning from an injury.

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