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Memphis Depay is an attacking midfielder for Lyon. Depay suits the PB matrix very well as he both shoots and crosses often, which can often lead to him providing goals and assists. During the 2019-2020 season, Depay suffered a cruciate ligament rupture limiting him to a total of 22 games. Depay still managed to score 15 goals and provide 2 assists and hit a number of very high PB scores. Depay recovered well from his injury and has started the 2020-2021 season very well with a hat-trick against Dijon which led to him earning matchday dividends as he hit a very high PB score of 314. Depay attempts 4.12 shots per 90, and hits an impressive 49.2% on target. Often Depay creates such opportunities for himself using his excellent ball control, agility and dribbling ability. Depay averages 3.81 dribbles per 90 with a high 60% success rate and he also creates chances for teammates often, providing 2.35 key passes per 90. Depay takes many of Lyon's set-pieces and so completes 4.5 crosses per 90, but he could improve the accuracy of his crosses further as only 23.9% were accurate last season. Overall, Depay suits the PB matrix extremely well and is a stand-out player in Ligue 1 and so is likely to earn plenty of matchday dividends in the future. Depay could also have a better chance of earning media dividends in the future once global media outlets are added as he also produces music videos and due to possible future transfer links. However, Depay's potential to earn dividends would drop significantly if he was to move to Barcelona where he would struggle to outscore Lionel Messi as top forward, especially as he would most likely lose set-pieces.

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Memphis Depay's price started the 2019-2020 season at £2.26. Depay's price quickly rose to £4.73 by December 2019 due to his strong suitability to the new PB matrix and potential to earn plenty of matchday dividends. However, upon suffering a cruciate ligament rupture which at the time was reportedly going to lead to him missing EURO 2020, Depay's price crashed down to £3.89. Since then, his price has recovered well and following his hat-trick against Dijon on the 28th August 2020, Depay's price hit a peak of £5.06. Depay's price has dropped considerably recently due to Barcelona transfer links because of the concern over his ability to earn matchday dividends whilst competing for PB with Lionel Messi. However, a move to Barcelona has not been confirmed and if Depay remains at Lyon, his price may well rebound. Furthermore, the move to Barcelona has already had a hugely negative influence on Depay's price and so if this move was confirmed, his price may not drop much further. Depay currently has a market price of £3.60 with an instant sell price of £3.02 and he does appear particularly strong value if bought within this wide spread. Depay will also benefit from playing for the Netherlands national team at EURO 2021 and at the 2022 World Cup.

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