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Matheus Cunha is a center forward for Hertha BSC. Cunha moved from RB Leipzig to Hertha Berlin on January 31st for 18 Million Euros. Cunha has made a very strong start for Hertha Berlin with 7 goals and 4 assists in just 13 appearances. What makes Cunha stand out in particular is how direct he is in attack. First of all, he averages an incredibly high 5.18 shots per 90, which is the 3rd highest of all players that play regularly in a PB league. Although he has only hit 37% of his shots on target, this desire to shoot could lead to more goals in the future if he can improve his finishing further. Cunha also threatens in attack often by making direct runs towards goal, averaging 4.83 dribbles per 90 with a very high 74% success rate. Even defensively, Cunha can be too direct and his eagerness to get on the ball has led to an average of 3 fouls per 90. Overall, Cunha's style of play is unlikely to lead to high base PB scores given he only averages 17 passes per 90, but his shot frequency could lead to many braces/hat-tricks in the future and therefore lead to occassional high peak PB scores. However, he did recently play in an attacking midfield role for Hertha where he is likely to get on the ball more frequently and therefore hit higher PB scores, this was demonstrated by him recently hitting a PB score of 190. Furthermore, Cunha's flair and ability to score spectacular goals could attract the interest of stronger sides in the future and possibly lead to media dividends. Overall, Cunha has a lot of potential, but his success in terms of earning dividends in the future will depend on how much he can improve his finishing.

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Matheus Cunha's price started the 2019-2020 season at £1.18. Cunha's price only started to take off between March 2020 and May 2020 as he scored four goals in four consecutive games. As a young, exciting, Brazilian forward full of flair and the ability to score the spectacular, Cunha gained a lot of attention on social media and his price rose to £2.23 by late May 2020. Since then, his price has fluctuated and recently hit a peak of £2.28 due to starting Hertha Berlin's first game of the 2020-2021 season as an attacking midfielder. Cunha played very well in this particular scoring 1 goal and hitting his highest PB score to date of 190. Cunha has potential to score and assist more frequently in the future and has a fairly strong chance of earning matchday dividends in the future. Overall, Cunha appears a valuable longer term hold given his potential to improve further and earn dividends. Longer term, Cunha could also earn media dividends due to gaining transfer links to stronger sides.

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19 years ago

Starting in an attacking midfielder role in his first Bundesliga game this season could be a game changer in terms of his chances of earning matchday dividends. In this position, he completed a lot more passes and also attempted 4 crosses leading to his highest PB score to date.