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304, 236, 218, 211, 205

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Marcelo Brozovic is a center midfielder for Inter Milan. Brozovic is very strong off the ball and often makes space to receive the ball, such as collecting a pass from defenders to then progress forward and start an attack. Brozovic averages a high 61 passes per game and this has resulted in him having a very high PB average. Brozovic is also very strong at tackling and often times his tackles very well including many slide tackles to break up the oppositions play. Brozovic averages 2.3 tackles per game. Brozovic is also strong in attack, demonstrated by him scoring 3 goals and providing 6 assists this season. However, Eriksen's arrival in January has possibly reduced Brozovic's attacking output as he is now less likely to take set-pieces. Brozovic's PB scores have fallen throughout the season and he has not hit a PB score higher than 218 since September 2019. Overall, Brozovic appears fairly likely to earn match day dividends on a number of occassions throughout a given season as he is very involved in games and could earn match day dividends for Croatia at EURO 2021 and the World Cup in particular.

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Marcelo Brozovic's price started the season at £1.11. Brozovic's price hit a temporary peak of £2.40 in late October during the strong trend towards high PB scoring players following the dividend increase. Brozovic has slowly dropped in price and his PB scores have fallen throughout the season too. Christian Eriksen's arrival at Inter Milan has had a negative influence on Brozovic's price and his price has continued to fall in recent weeks as he has been out injured. Inter Milan have favourable upcoming fixtures (Which he could return for) and he has a strong chance of playing in the Europa League later in the season after dividends are increased which could result in more demand for Brozovic. As a Croatia International, Brozovic will also have a strong chance of earning match day dividends at both EURO 2021 and the World Cup. Brozovic's involvement in games could result in him occassionally hitting high peak PB scores and when he has scored a GWG this season (Twice) he has hit very high PB scores. Brozovic may struggle to rise in price considerably due to his age, lack of potential to improve further and lack of media dividends. However, he could quite possibly return his price in dividends throughout his career and so he could be a fairly strong long term hold, despite his age. Brozovic's market price is currently £1.53 with a wide spread of 20.9% and he could be a strong hold, especially if bought at a considerable discount on his market price via a matched. In the short term, Brozovic's market price is likely to continue to fall due to his lack of game time.

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