Leon Goretzka

FC Bayern München

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252, 200, 188, 184, 183

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Player Review

Leon Goretzka is a central midfielder for Bayern Munich. Goretzka only played 1,513 minutes in the Bundesliga last season due to squad rotation and injuries. However, he did manage to contribute to a total of 15 goals, making a goal contribution an impressive once every 100.8 minutes. Goretzka has put on more muscle and is in better physical shape this season. Goretzka has also spoke out about how he wants to gain more regular game time this season and it already appears likely that he will have his request met. Goretzka completes a very high average of 53 passes per 90 and he also takes an average 2.52 shots per 90. Goretzka is often getting himself into dangerous areas and he is particularly strong at heading. Defensively, Goretzka is also strong making 1.91 tackles and 1.7 interceptions per 90. The ability to complete many passes, tackles and interceptions in games whilst also having the ability to contribute to goals may make Goretzka appear to have strong potential for earning match day dividends. However, his PB scores are let down by his lack of creativity in the final third. Goretzka only averages 1 key pass and only attempts a very small 0.24 crosses per 90. Therefore, Goretzka is unlikely to earn match day dividends often, especially whilst playing alongside the much more creative and PB-suited Joshua Kimmich. Goretzka is a strong player at a strong side and he looks set to play more regularly in the upcoming season, furthermore he will benefit from game time at the EURO's for Germany and therefore he will have plenty of chances to earn match day dividends. Goretzka is unlikely to earn match day dividends particularly often, but as he continues to develop and improve he could score more frequently and therefore his chances of earning match day dividends do look set to improve over the upcoming seasons.

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Price Analysis

Leon Goretzka's price started the 2019-2020 season at £1.34. Over the last 12 months, Goretzka's price has fluctuated a huge amount depending on the amount of game time he has had, his form and market trends. Goretzka's price has been fairly steady in recent months and currently sits at a market price of £1.74 with an instant sell price of £1.61. In the short term, Goretzka does not stand out as particularly great value based on his potential to earn match day dividends because Kimmich is likely to outscore him in most games. However, Goretzka is a developing player and he does play for arguably the best team in the world, therefore his PB scores could improve and so he does appear a valuable hold at his current price. Furthemore, Goretzka looks set to play many more minutes this season including games in the Champions League and the Euro's and therefore he will have a strong opportunity to improve and score more frequently. If Goretzka can develop his decision making in the final third and create more chances for team mates with key passes and crosses, it is likely that he will become a very strong player for earning match day dividends in the future. Overall, Goretzka appears a fairly strong hold, but he may struggle to earn match day dividends often over the upcoming season.

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